Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nasty Happy Rock

Happy Rock

I came across this pic while going through my folders and once again, laughed out loud!

This was taken when we were at the Tucson Gem Show in 2011.  I took several pics of this, um, unusual specimen in various angles and this was the best one showing how, um, well, you get the idea I'm sure.

Call it my twisted humor or simply not sleeping through the night and being up since 3:30 this morning.  In any case, it's still funny.

Ok...maybe it's just me.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

76 Classic - Groovy!

Retro Clippers!
Mark loves his #2 buzz cut and has worn that style for years.  As in MANY years.  In the beginning, he would have his hair done at the barber or salon.  Then he got a wild hair and said "honey, you can cut my hair and we'll save money!"  Um. Ok, I said I would give it a go.

MANY years later and I'm still cutting his hair. Every once in a while he would go have it done either because my wrists were acting up, no time or because he wanted that real close #2 cut. All the clippers we've gone through (a variety of them) had plastic #2 blades, which do not cut as close as a metal blade. So, Mark started researching metal blades and clippers.

Groovy baby, groovy!
Let me say here that Mark is the KING of research.  There isn't anything that he purchases, etc. without checking it out from top to bottom and inside out.  I actually don't mind this because I know he's trying to find the best deal - whether it is cost, functionality or whatever.  The only thing is when he says "hey hon, I want to show you something" and then plops a folder full of papers down, I know somethings up.

So last week he came home from work and said "hey hon, you know how I've been researching..." and then said he got something for me, well actually us.  I opened it up and it was the Oster 76 Classic Clippers, with a metal #2!  He was happy because of the metal #2 and knew that I would just LOVE the retro look of it - my style. Right on honey!

The clippers rock big time!  It has a bit more weight than our other clippers, but oh so smooth, quick and cuts a beautiful #2 without hassle.  Mark the Research King rocks!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fill up your cart!

Rainbow of fruits and vegetables

Every week I do the bulk of the grocery shopping and about mid-week pick up more produce.  I don't know what I like the most - buying it, looking at the rainbow of beautiful colors or eating every morsel of it!

red grapes, baby cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, avocados, apples & more!

We eat a large variety of greens, fruits and vegetables daily, along with beans, legumes and a few nuts. 

rainbow chard, brussels sprouts, kale, radishes, beets and bananas...and more!

After shopping, I wash and dry all the produce (there's more in the garage fridge in line to be washed).  Once good and dry I put some into green produce saver bags and the rest into produce containers, then rotate what might be left in the fridge. 

We always have a variety of berries, which I usually split in half.  Meaning I put some in the freezer and the rest in the fridge.  I typically wait until berries go on sale and then stock up.  Freezing them is much more economical than buying the little frozen bags of fruit at the store - and much tastier.  Mangos are great that way too. mangos!

hanging produce basket
What doesn't go in the fridge I put in my hanging basket and on my handy dandy movable island cabinet.  Once the bananas are ripe, I peel and put them into a freezer ziplock bag for our green smoothies, "ice cream" or other yumminess .  We go through a LOT of bananas.  And yes, there is some in the freezer besides what you see here.

Raw Food - oh so good!
I actually stood on a step stool to take this pic.  If I had everything washed at once, I would need to take a panographic view!  Actually, I would need a longer counter!

Hope I tempted you to raid your fridge or counter for some delicious produce.  If you don't have any on hand, well just hop in the car (or bike, or skate or walk...), go directly to your nearest market and fill up your cart.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rocki's Raw Vegan Lasagna

Raw Vegan Lasagna
I made this yummylicious raw vegan lasagna the other night entirely from scratch and it was SO good we almost licked the dish clean!  I should have written down the recipe as I went, but most of the time I just roll with wherever my mind takes me. Which can be interesting at times.

Beautiful raw vegan lasagna layers
I didn't layer it like a traditional lasagna as I wanted different ingredients for each layer, except for my delicious homemade sauce and zucchini "noodles".  I created the zucchini noodles with my mandolin - love that thing! 

Fresh spinach, baby portobellos, olives, garlic... just look all the beautiful colors in this dish!  That is one thing that I just love about the way we eat... not only is it tasty and good for you, but is pleasing to your eyes too.

Simple "cheesy" topping
The "cheesy" topping is a mix of pine nuts, garlic and nutritional yeast.  It has a Parmesan flavor to it.

I need to write this down now while it is still fresh in my mind. 


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bilateral Total Mastectomy Photos - 6 Month Post-Op

Bilateral Total Mastectomy Photos - Post Op
This is another update for my online open journal in hopes of helping others that have to, unfortunately, go through the same thing and looking for information - as I did. 
Below are three photos of my bare chest showing the healing process to date.  There is really nothing to it, no blood or gore, just my bare empty chest with scars.  Like last time, I just want to give a brief little warning for those who may be a little squeamish, etc.  The photos are of just my bare chest, but for my 12 month post-op, or before, it will be entirely of me as I'm comfortable in my own skin.  You can find more photos and/or info in the top tab: Breast Cancer Survivor 
Photo's start below:

Bilateral Total Mastectomy - post-op 6 months

Let me start by saying everybody heals differently and I heal slow.  Most of the scaring is still an ugly mean red and wider, while the rest is a light to pale pink and thinner.  The 61 staple scars are barely visible now.  In fact, some are gone.  My left side is more caved in while the right is flat.  The right armpit area still has a poofy lump (not cancer lump, just a lump area) but has gone down some.  It gets sore if over used, but nothing like a few months ago.  I'll find out Monday at my appointment the status on this.

Right side

My right side is where the nodes were removed and that area is healing quite nicely.  I'm not having any problems with that area, other than the lumpy part.  The drainage tube scars on both sides are a pale pink and barely noticeable now. 

Left side

Up until over a week ago, it had been a couple months without any pain issues.  But in my left chest wall area I'm having odd pain that goes into my back and left shoulder blade area.  The shoulder part feels more like bone pain while the other pain is, well, pain.  I do have mild degenerative arthritis in my hands and wrists, so not sure if that affects the shoulder area too (?).  I tried to research this, but all I came up with was heart issues and I seriously doubt that's what it is.  As funny as this may sound, I'm healthy otherwise, plus I eat a vegan diet (raw vegan as 4 months ago).  As with the right lumpy area, I will find out if this is related to post-op issues or another issue.

For all my wonderful online pals, customers, friends and fellow Survivors that have contacted me and asked how I'm doing and when am I going to post more pics - thank you!  I've been back to my "normal" (whatever that is) self and activities for a while now.  The only limitations really is I can't have blood drawn or blood pressure taken from my right arm - ever.  To sum it up, I'm doing AWESOME!  Well, other than the issues mentioned above AND finally over the acute upper respiratory infection, but hey... I've been through worse. 

And yes, I'll have more pictures than the ones posted here as I'm going to have professional pictures taken in a few months.  I'm hoping sometime this summer - and some will include Mark.   I can hardly wait!

Thank you all for your continued love & support for not only me, but for everyone that has to deal with this horrid disease.

Peace & Love,