Thursday, March 7, 2013

76 Classic - Groovy!

Retro Clippers!
Mark loves his #2 buzz cut and has worn that style for years.  As in MANY years.  In the beginning, he would have his hair done at the barber or salon.  Then he got a wild hair and said "honey, you can cut my hair and we'll save money!"  Um. Ok, I said I would give it a go.

MANY years later and I'm still cutting his hair. Every once in a while he would go have it done either because my wrists were acting up, no time or because he wanted that real close #2 cut. All the clippers we've gone through (a variety of them) had plastic #2 blades, which do not cut as close as a metal blade. So, Mark started researching metal blades and clippers.

Groovy baby, groovy!
Let me say here that Mark is the KING of research.  There isn't anything that he purchases, etc. without checking it out from top to bottom and inside out.  I actually don't mind this because I know he's trying to find the best deal - whether it is cost, functionality or whatever.  The only thing is when he says "hey hon, I want to show you something" and then plops a folder full of papers down, I know somethings up.

So last week he came home from work and said "hey hon, you know how I've been researching..." and then said he got something for me, well actually us.  I opened it up and it was the Oster 76 Classic Clippers, with a metal #2!  He was happy because of the metal #2 and knew that I would just LOVE the retro look of it - my style. Right on honey!

The clippers rock big time!  It has a bit more weight than our other clippers, but oh so smooth, quick and cuts a beautiful #2 without hassle.  Mark the Research King rocks!


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