Raw Vegan Recipes

NOTE: I started a new blog for all my recipes and you can now find me at: Raw Rocki I'm in the process of adding all my recipes from this blog over to my new blog, as well posting all my other recipes that are floating around my kitchen and brain.


Purple Elixir Smoothie - Raw and vegan

Raw Vegan Lasagna

Raw Soft Spicy Corn Tortillas
Yummy Raw Vegan Pizza!

Eat your veggies!



Sam and her lizards said...

Hey girlfriend -- any chance - when you have time -- (ha! ha!) that I could get the recipe for your basic chocolates?? After having yours I don't want anything else! Woo Hoo!! Thanks so much!
Tara ♥

Rocki Adams said...

Absolutely! I'll FB it to you :) Thank you Tara! ♥

Sam and her lizards said...

Deb -- thank you so much. I hope I'm not being too pesky about it. I'm so excited about your new blog and new life change. You deserve ALL GOOD THINGS! ♥

Rocki Adams said...

You are never too pesky and you always make my day - thank you so much!
♥ n hugs!