Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rocki vs Young Thai Coconut

This beautiful Young Thai Coconut was no match for me (enter Rocky theme music). I won! In an ugly way, but I still won.
I’ve been wanting to add this super delicious, nutritious, full of electrolytes, high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, etc., food to our diet, but have been SCARED to DEATH of opening one. So that night I searched the net and watched several ‘how to’ videos. I then told Mark – YOU open it!
The next day, Saturday, I put my big girl pants on and gave it ago. I got out my cutting board, my large heavy duty chef’s knife, my grandma’s old ice cream scoop and a measuring cup for the water. First Aid kit was within reach. 
Cutting way the outer layer was a breeze. I was very pleased about that part.  Now, the top of the actual nut was exposed.  There I stood, looking at it and wondering if I could open it without having to call 911.  But I wanted to taste that water and eat that meat, so I had to continue.

I did as they said in many of the videos - hold it on its’ side, take your big freakin’ knife and whack at it HARD with the bottom end portion of the knife.  In the video it showed them doing this 4 times on a rotation, then you can open it up and get the goods.  Ha!  I showed them!  It only took me about 20 times to whack and mangle the poor nut before I got a itty bitty hole.  I ran into the bathroom (no I wasn’t bleeding, Mark was replacing our faucet) and proudly showed Mark what I had accomplished so far. 
Now to get that water.  I pried open enough of the top and poured the water into my measuring cup.  If I hadn’t of spilled some while trying to pry it open, I’m guessing it would have been very close to 2 cups.  But as you can see I actually got just about 1 2/3 cup of yummy coconut water.  Mark and I took a little sip and both agreed: MMMMMMM!  I used the water in green drinks and a recipe dish.

The meat was next. I opened more of the top, finally.  I don’t have a coconut scoop so I used my grandma’s old sturdy ice cream scooper and away I went.  That seemed to work just fine and was easy peasy.  I could hardly wait to taste it as I’ve never had this type of coconut.  AMAZINGLY delicious and smooth!  I used the meat in a couple different recipes and green drinks – nice and creamy!  You can also make coconut noodles with the meat, which I’m going to do with my next one.
So there it is in a nut shell.  I can hardly wait to attack my next one.


studiomaison said...

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Rocki Adams said...

Thanks so much for visiting!