Friday, April 30, 2010

Daughtry - VIP part 1

Not quite sure where to start on this most memorable day/evening except to say it ROCKED! Since pictures speak a thousands words, I'll try and let them do most of the talking, but will give some highlights.

Nope, we didn't win tickets to the concert or VIP backstage passes. We purchased our tickets when they went on sale - couldn't miss Daughtry! When we found out that we could get VIP passes to meet & greet with the band, etc., it took less than a nanosecond to say YES!

Oh and above is little ol' me with the guys - very down to earth and so humble. Yes, I was majorly star struck and I think I blinded everyone with my braces as I smiled ALL day and ALL night long!

This is during the soundcheck where we got to sit in on. Yes, we were right at the stage! Oh and they sound just as good in soundcheck :)

Since we had 2 tickets we were able to have 2 pictures taken. I went first. I was so dazed by it all that after the pic was taken I started to walk away and TOTALLY forgot about Mark! LOL! I just had to go stand by Josh Steely on the end. Not like I know him personally, but there was just something about him that was so calming. He commented on my Buddha necklace and I was so star struck that I didn't notice his gorgeous Buddha tattoos until yesterday when we were checking out the previous VIP concert pictures!

Another soundcheck pic and this is Josh Steely. Yep, he sounds as good as he looks :)

Still have that same big glowing smile on my face - it's still there in fact! This was after all the VIP treatment with lots of goodies to take home.

Afterwards we ate dinner at Margaritaville before heading back in for the concert. Nope, we didn't have Margarita's - we don't drink. But after many years, I DID have my first true hamburger with a bun! Being allergic to wheat & dairy I never get to have a bun with a burger unless at home and then it is with my special bread - totally NOT the same. Anyway, Margaritaville has a gluten-free menu and the bun was soft and yummy!

I have more pictures to share of the concert, but I'll do that either this weekend or Monday. Wait to you see where our seats were :) Oh and since I forgot my camera, the pics are all taken with my Droid, but they turned out okay.

Daughtry - you guys are #1 in my book - stay just like you are!
♥ Rocki
(5/1 update: I've been asked if I added pink to my hair for the concert - nope, this is me! I've had variations of this style going on a year now and it has become my signature style ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jason Leaves For Seattle


This is a hard day for me. No, several months ago while at a restaurant when Jas, my Bud, said that he had something to tell me - THAT was a hard day. He put in for a work transfer to Portland as there was better schooling opportunity for him there to become a Fire Fighter. I'm extremely proud of him, as I am in both of my boys, but THAT was a hard day.

Scratch that.

Portland wasn't going to happen, so he changed the transfer to Seattle - another good opportunity for him to reach his goal. Figured it would be a few months or so. Well, this past Thursday Jason was notified that the transfer was approved - but that he needs to be there sooner than later - in other words leave on Monday - as in today. Another hard day.

I'm very close to both my boys, they are my sons and my friends. Jeremy, my oldest, lives in Portland, Oregon - he moved there about 8 years ago (yes, THAT was a hard day too - or was it when he left for NAU prior to that - I'm a mom, what can I say). I'm happy that they will be closer so that they can see each other more often. I guess now we have a new place to visit. I've never been to Seattle before.

Jason is my comedian, my buddy, my body guard. He's friendly, outgoing, courteous and helpful - for starters. He has always been there to help me. When I was very sick for a long time, he would take me to doctors and practically carry me in without giving it a second thought. He makes me laugh too. Especially when I think about the pickle & the ketchup incident at CoCo's. Oh and he always hated cleaning his room. I think he still does ;)

This is me and my guys at Disneyland many moons ago. Jason, on the right, was a tad grumpy as it had been a very long day and he was ready to leave. Definitely nap time. Jas has always been a happy guy with a big smile on his face, so this picture makes me giggle.

Sorry, this is nothing more than just a mushy mom needing to brag about her awesome son - future Fire Fighter - who she is going to miss very, very much! This past week has been rough - so much in such a short amount of time. Between being sick and then dealing with his sudden move, it's just plain hard. I've gone through more tissue boxes than you could imagine. Yes. I admit I cry. I'm human. I'm a mom. Who happens to love her boys more than life.

Well, I could go on writing, but I'll end this mushy mom post because I have a TON of work to do. Guess that will keep my mind occupied while he's traveling.

Enjoy your day,
(a.k.a. Mom - I love you Bud!)

p.s. The picture at the top... Jas wrote that on there and gave it to me. He's also terribly shy, as you can tell ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gorgeous Gold Kites and more

Besides being crazy busy, I've been on a creating streak lately... all inspired by my original Signature Kites as in this blog posting long ago: Awe, Go Fly A Kite.

Above are my new and original Diamond Kite earrings in 14k Gold Filled. I'll also be making them in other metals. I must admit that I was pretty excited while creating these - just love'em!

My Kurly Kites are not new as I've been making them for a while in other metals, but they are now available in 14k Gold Filled as well. They look awesome in gold!

Awe yes, another Kurly Kite! But alas, these are made in a heavier 18 gauge wire for those who have larger piercings.

Another new member to the Signature Kite series: Geometric Kites! The design in this pair allows you to wear them as artistic earrings or use as a base wire and create to your hearts content!

No, these are not Kites, but there is a pair in it :) I wanted to offer a sampling of just a taste of my metalwork, so I call this package my Studio Sampler. This package has a variety of findings for you to create with and includes a little discount, but the major discount is in the shipping costs.

Well, this is what I've been up to lately - and then some! Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!

Go fly a kite... or at least wear one!