Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet My Sister - she's a HOOT!

Yes everyone, I have a 'kid' sister (don't worry Laura, I won't tell your age ;). So what is Laura like? Welllllll, twist my arm and I'll tell you a few things.

For one, she's very talented in many ways and is the best sister anyone could ever have! Laura is full of life, VERY funny, bubbly, outgoing, intelligent, tells it like it is (don't ask her if your butt looks big in those pants ;), can cook & bake up a storm and LOVES practical jokes!

This is one of our favorite photos from a couple years ago when she was living with us while moving back from San Diego. It was a lot of fun having her at our house and to have her back home. We laughed a lot, went shopping, cooked and acted totally silly together. Oh yes, and I nick-named her "CinderLaura" - but that's not her REAL nick-name.

CinderLaura LOVED cleaning my house - even though she denies it. CinderLaura cleaned from the time she got up until I locked her in her room at night. She scrubbed and scrubbed until all the tile & grout was clean. Then she mopped, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, washed the windows, did poop patrol out back, weeding and other minor little chores around the house. It was nice having her home. The day she left she must have been so sad. I think she was laughing hysterically to hide her tears. She left tire marks in my driveway.

Anyway, the real reason for this blog is, yes, to introduce you to Laura but also to her brand new Etsy Shop:

Laura got into Stamping about 3 years ago as a hobby and then it took off from there. We all love receiving cards from her because they are just too cool. She makes anything from funny, serious, silly, beautiful, etc. My favorite are her 3-D cards like the one below.

Feel free to visit her shop, but watch your step as she is still moving in and getting to know the in's and out's of Etsy. Oh, she FINally has a MySpace as well that she is working on, but you can stop by to say hello, add her as a friend or simply harass her (hee hee).

Well, I could go on and on about Laura, especially juicy little details, but I'll save that for another time. Oh, but if you twist my arm ever so slightly, I may tell you her REAL nick-name! OUCH!

Happy day everyone!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Rocki's Supplies!

I really hoped that I was going to be able to visit your blogs this past weekend, but we spent an enjoyable day with Danny & Margi on Saturday and then Sunday we... WOW - where DID Sunday go?!

Anyway, I PROMISE to visit your blogs tomorrow! As for today, I want to introduce you to my new supply shop: Rocki's Supplies. Yep, finally got it up and running and have had 2 sales so far from this shop! I'm still adding new items daily and have much more to list, but don't want to list it all at one time as you know.

What can you find in my new shop? All handcrafted metalwork made by me, such as:

clasps (several styles: hearts, hooks, wrapped & more)
earwires (big variety)
connectors (links, flowers, hearts & more)
PLUS my signature Elfin Earwires
and more to come!

I can honestly say that I truly love creating with metal. I find it so relaxing and calming actually. Oh I still love my rocks n beads, but there is also room for fire n metal. :)

Lots to do today, but then again Monday's are always quite busy, aren't they? So I'm off to the post office now as one of my orders was from an international customer and then I need to get back to work: house chores, studio, etc.

Thank you all for being patient with me. See you soon!

☼ Rocki

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... POW!

Holy squirrels Batman! I have been FAR too busy... busy as a bee in fact! The one thing that I try NOT to do is over scheduled myself and yet I did. Life happens.

So what have I been up to? Do you REALLY want me to list everything? Do you have that much time on your hands right now? I didn't think so. Lets just say that I feel like I'm on the receiving end of POW!

My apologies to all my buddies for not visiting your blogs this week :( however I will surely try to do so in a couple days. Tomorrow I take Danny to chemo, so I won't be home all day and then Friday is the opening (fingers crossed) of my second Etsy shop. Oh, minor little detail here. I'll blog more about that one next Monday, but here's a little hint: handcrafted metal supplies.

Okay, need to get my butt in gear and start my day. Thanks for your understanding and I appreciate you all!

Peace and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

☼ Rocki

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Silver Smiles

I won't go into all the boring details of my dental issues prior to my orthodontic appointment yesterday, but I don't mind saying that I'll be a 'metal mouth' soon (insert cheezy grin).

Unfortunately, I put off far too long getting my own teeth fixed because I've been pretty busy. Okay, to be honest I'm not so found of dentists - too many bad experiences. Okay okay, so it's the drill (shivers), the pain, the yucky taste and the drooling afterwards.

It's funny when I think about it, plus Mark even comments that as much as I brush & floss my teeth, how on earth can I have dental issues. Oh no, I have no cavities (smiles), but due to a botched root canal when I was 13 I ended up losing my back molar. That is what I *thought* caused my teeth to shift and such. But yesterday I discovered that my "extra tooth" (my 'snaggle tooth') I was told I had by a dentist in my 20's, was in fact NOT an "extra tooth" after all. That dentist ended up removing it with 2 other dentists. Yes, THREE dentists standing over me pulling out my poor little snaggle tooth - ouch, I still feel the pain!

Anyway, so that tooth, combined with the back molar (both on the bottom) are the culprits. So now after all these years of putting it off, making sure everyone else has been taken care of, listening to Mark tell me to just do it, and yes being somewhat of a chicken, I am now getting them fixed properly.

I'll be wearing the Damon System Braces for 24 months and on August 11th and I will be smiling silver. I won't mind one single bit (grin).

I bet this was more information than you cared to know. At least I didn't show you my photo shoot!

☼ Rocki

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Got Jokes?

I'm turning to my blogging buddies for jokes. Why, you ask? Because my one-liners have runneth dry. Every morning I text our friends Danny & Margi (Danny is the one with lung cancer) with a silly one liner to start their day off with. I've done this for about 2 months now and am TOTALLY out of jokes.

What am I looking for? Anything really. From silly kid jokes to blonde jokes to dirty jokes to, well, anything goes - EXCEPT no racist jokes - do don't those at all. Danny loves a variety and we all have a bit of warped since of humor.

One-liners are the best as they are easier to text, but I'll take anything. Humor is the best medicine no matter how silly, goofy, dirty, etc. and I need to continue giving them their dose every morning.

For instance:

Why did the male bubble follow the female bubble down the drain?
He wanted to see her bust!
How did Burger King get Diary Queen Pregnant?
He forgot to wrap his whopper!
What do call a bunch of blondes in a freezer?
Frosted Flakes!
What do you get when you cross a lawn mower with a yellow canary?
Shredded Tweet!
What did Tigger see when he looked in the toilet?
What do blondes and spaghetti have in common?
They both wriggle when you eat'em!
What's the difference between a woman with PMS and a Pitt Bull?
What do you call 10 blondes at the bottom of a pool?
Air bubbles!

Okay, now that you get the idea, please feel free to submit your jokes in the comment section - as many and as often as you like. Don't be shy now, I'll take ANYTHING and everything (no racists jokes please). Danny's not not shy either, he's an ex-marine and can handle anything thrown at him. He loves to laugh and I love making him laugh.

I'll be back later on today to visit your blogs. I have an orthodontist appointment this morning - I may be laughing with metal in my mouth soon. I wonder if I could make them out of my Sterling Silver.... hmm.

Make me laugh!

☼ Rocki

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I know, I'm a day early, but since Mark is off tomorrow I do not plan on working at all. We are going to enjoy our long holiday weekend together doing nothing. Well, almost nothing.

Today I'm spending the day cleaning and doing other chores so I won't have to bother with it for 3 looooong days! Tomorrow we'll spend the day in the pool, lounging around and doing nothing. Later we'll light up the bbq for some yummy grilled veggies and whatever else sounds good.

Saturday will be filled with more swimming, friends and enjoying each moment.

Sunday we will be celebrating Cody's birthday, one of my nephews, at their house. Lots of food, good times, laughter and yes, more swimming!
Whatever you have or not have planned for this holiday weekend, may it be filled with love, happiness, peace and all you want it to be.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy!
☼ Rocki

Okay, and yes I threw in a shameless "I'm having a big sale in my shop" plug ;)