Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Raw Vegan Chocolate Nutty Balls

Raw Vegan Chocolate Nutty Balls
Last week I was seriously craving a chocolate nutty treat, like a Reese's Cup or Pieces, but a healthy version.  I used to treat myself to those yeeeeeeears ago, but I don't eat that way anymore. 
Anyway, so I went into the kitchen, grabbed a few items that sounded good and whipped up a little batch of these Chocolate Nutty Balls.  The texture is like a chewy brownie and the taste is definitely chocolate with nut butter satisfaction.  I was very happy with the end result and so was my tummy! 
While I did remember to write everything down, I didn't take photos of the process.  At that time I didn't know I would be sharing them, let alone how they would even turn out.  
Chewy yummy treat!

I don't recall exactly how many balls of goodness the recipe made since I didn't know that I would be writing about them, but it did make quite a few - couple dozen perhaps?  I also gave some to Mark to take to work to share.  I'll be making them again, so I will probably update this recipe post.  Oh and I use raw organic ingredients whenever possible, but feel free to adjust to your liking.

Since I don't have any other pictures to ramble on about, I'll go straight to my recipe.
Raw Vegan Chocolate Nutty Balls

1 1/4 cup walnuts
1/2 cup pecans

3 1/2 TBS raw cacao
1/3 cup raw hemp seed

1 1/4 cup packed medjool dates (seeds removed)

1/4 cup almond butter (or just use all peanut butter)
1/4 cup peanut butter
2 TBS raw agave
1 tsp organic vanilla

raw hemp seed (or other topping of choice)

In a food processor:
- add the nuts and process until they are small crums, but do not over process
- pulse in the cacao and hemp seed to combine
- and the medjool dates and process until well combined
- add the remaining ingredients and process until combined - you may have to scrape down the sides during this process.  If your processor can't handle the mixture, hand mix in the last set of ingredients in a bowl.

Pour some hemp seed or other topping of choice onto a plate or small bowl and set aside.

To make the balls, I use one of those fun cookie ball scoops with the rubber backing.  However, you can also use a spoon to make the balls with to the desired size.

After all the balls are made, simply roll them in the hemp seed to coat.  I recommend popping one of these warm delicious treats into your mouth, close your eyes, feel the ocean breeze, the sand in your toes, and... oh sorry, I lost myself there ;) 

These can be eaten right away, but once chilled they're even better.  Store in a container in the fridge or freezer... if they last that long.

Peace and enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zombie Prom 2013

Mark and Rocki - "screw until death do we part... we're Zombiemates!"
Last Saturday we went to a Zombie Prom party and it was a total blast!  Our dear friend Dave always has the best parties and each one has a different theme.

Oh and before I go on, for those who are in the know with zombies, yes that is a bullet hole in my head.  Yes I know that is the way to kill a zombie.  However, I'm a blonde zombie and can't be killed that way.  Need I say why?  (sorry blonde peeps, just having fun and I have weird humor!)

I'll let the pics do the talking for the most part, along with a little blurb for each one.

Mark's hand pressed shirt

As a good zombie wife, I made sure to hand press Mark's shirt for the occasion.

Zombie Accountant
Doesn't Mark look ever so handsome all dressed up in his prom attire!

Rocki Zombie Dance

After putting on our make-up and getting dressed, I practiced my zombie dance moves.

Raw Rotten Zombie Brains

I made some yummy treats for the party...just in case there's a lack of braaaaaains.  These are vegan friendly too, for us raw vegan zombies ;)

Zombie 'Finger' Food - edamame
So we grabbed the goodies and headed out the door for a night of fun. 

Zombie Prom 2013

All of us undead were greeted with a homemade Zombie Prom 2013 banner.

Dave the host proposing to me
That handsome devil, er I mean zombie, is our host Dave.  I was overcome with emotion after he knelt down and proposed to me. (shhhhh! don't tell Mark!) Instead of a ring, he promised me braaaaaaaains.  How could a zombie gal resist that!

Zombie's love a tasty treat!

As the night went on, I got a little hungry so I had a tasty Charles snack.

Me and the prior Zombie Queens
We hung out with old friends and made some new zombie pals.  Great conversation all around! 

Zombie Collage - Mark and Rocki
There were a lot of cool zombies that night and it was truly a funTASTIC evening!  We look forward to the next theme party!

Braaaaaaaaains!  er, I mean:


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2 in Sedona - part 1

Our first morning with a toast to the beautiful Sedona view

More photos of our Sedona celebration trip and once again I'll let the photos speak for themselves, along with a little explanation. 

Rocki and Mark waiting for the tour to begin

We started out the day with a trolley tour that took us into the Dry Creek Valley, further up the mountains to see the breathtaking vistas of Boynton and Long Canyon.

Sedona Arizona, Uptown

Just one of the breathtaking views of the red rocks from Uptown while waiting for the trolley to depart.

Sedona, Arizona

Another amazing view while on our tour.  One of many reasons we love Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona

The low clouds made for a gorgeous scenic photo op. 

Sedona, Arizona

Mark jokes around with me of my photo choices - like these "weeds" as he calls them.  I think the photo came out pretty cool myself.

Sedona, Arizona

I tried to get Mark to grab a couple of those rocks to take home.  He declined, darn it!

After all these years and we're still madly in love!

Scenic break over and back into the trolley to continue on our beautiful tour.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

One of many vortex spots in Sedona - is this not gorgeous!

Sedona, Arizona

We're coming back here after lunch to hike that mountain - I'm feeling me some vortex vibes!

The trolley tour was relaxing, enjoyable, breathtaking and pure bliss.  From there we went to lunch at The ChocolaTree - that will be my next post.