Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zombie Prom 2013

Mark and Rocki - "screw until death do we part... we're Zombiemates!"
Last Saturday we went to a Zombie Prom party and it was a total blast!  Our dear friend Dave always has the best parties and each one has a different theme.

Oh and before I go on, for those who are in the know with zombies, yes that is a bullet hole in my head.  Yes I know that is the way to kill a zombie.  However, I'm a blonde zombie and can't be killed that way.  Need I say why?  (sorry blonde peeps, just having fun and I have weird humor!)

I'll let the pics do the talking for the most part, along with a little blurb for each one.

Mark's hand pressed shirt

As a good zombie wife, I made sure to hand press Mark's shirt for the occasion.

Zombie Accountant
Doesn't Mark look ever so handsome all dressed up in his prom attire!

Rocki Zombie Dance

After putting on our make-up and getting dressed, I practiced my zombie dance moves.

Raw Rotten Zombie Brains

I made some yummy treats for the party...just in case there's a lack of braaaaaains.  These are vegan friendly too, for us raw vegan zombies ;)

Zombie 'Finger' Food - edamame
So we grabbed the goodies and headed out the door for a night of fun. 

Zombie Prom 2013

All of us undead were greeted with a homemade Zombie Prom 2013 banner.

Dave the host proposing to me
That handsome devil, er I mean zombie, is our host Dave.  I was overcome with emotion after he knelt down and proposed to me. (shhhhh! don't tell Mark!) Instead of a ring, he promised me braaaaaaaains.  How could a zombie gal resist that!

Zombie's love a tasty treat!

As the night went on, I got a little hungry so I had a tasty Charles snack.

Me and the prior Zombie Queens
We hung out with old friends and made some new zombie pals.  Great conversation all around! 

Zombie Collage - Mark and Rocki
There were a lot of cool zombies that night and it was truly a funTASTIC evening!  We look forward to the next theme party!

Braaaaaaaaains!  er, I mean:


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