Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2 in Sedona - part 1

Our first morning with a toast to the beautiful Sedona view

More photos of our Sedona celebration trip and once again I'll let the photos speak for themselves, along with a little explanation. 

Rocki and Mark waiting for the tour to begin

We started out the day with a trolley tour that took us into the Dry Creek Valley, further up the mountains to see the breathtaking vistas of Boynton and Long Canyon.

Sedona Arizona, Uptown

Just one of the breathtaking views of the red rocks from Uptown while waiting for the trolley to depart.

Sedona, Arizona

Another amazing view while on our tour.  One of many reasons we love Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona

The low clouds made for a gorgeous scenic photo op. 

Sedona, Arizona

Mark jokes around with me of my photo choices - like these "weeds" as he calls them.  I think the photo came out pretty cool myself.

Sedona, Arizona

I tried to get Mark to grab a couple of those rocks to take home.  He declined, darn it!

After all these years and we're still madly in love!

Scenic break over and back into the trolley to continue on our beautiful tour.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

One of many vortex spots in Sedona - is this not gorgeous!

Sedona, Arizona

We're coming back here after lunch to hike that mountain - I'm feeling me some vortex vibes!

The trolley tour was relaxing, enjoyable, breathtaking and pure bliss.  From there we went to lunch at The ChocolaTree - that will be my next post.


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