Monday, April 19, 2010

Jason Leaves For Seattle


This is a hard day for me. No, several months ago while at a restaurant when Jas, my Bud, said that he had something to tell me - THAT was a hard day. He put in for a work transfer to Portland as there was better schooling opportunity for him there to become a Fire Fighter. I'm extremely proud of him, as I am in both of my boys, but THAT was a hard day.

Scratch that.

Portland wasn't going to happen, so he changed the transfer to Seattle - another good opportunity for him to reach his goal. Figured it would be a few months or so. Well, this past Thursday Jason was notified that the transfer was approved - but that he needs to be there sooner than later - in other words leave on Monday - as in today. Another hard day.

I'm very close to both my boys, they are my sons and my friends. Jeremy, my oldest, lives in Portland, Oregon - he moved there about 8 years ago (yes, THAT was a hard day too - or was it when he left for NAU prior to that - I'm a mom, what can I say). I'm happy that they will be closer so that they can see each other more often. I guess now we have a new place to visit. I've never been to Seattle before.

Jason is my comedian, my buddy, my body guard. He's friendly, outgoing, courteous and helpful - for starters. He has always been there to help me. When I was very sick for a long time, he would take me to doctors and practically carry me in without giving it a second thought. He makes me laugh too. Especially when I think about the pickle & the ketchup incident at CoCo's. Oh and he always hated cleaning his room. I think he still does ;)

This is me and my guys at Disneyland many moons ago. Jason, on the right, was a tad grumpy as it had been a very long day and he was ready to leave. Definitely nap time. Jas has always been a happy guy with a big smile on his face, so this picture makes me giggle.

Sorry, this is nothing more than just a mushy mom needing to brag about her awesome son - future Fire Fighter - who she is going to miss very, very much! This past week has been rough - so much in such a short amount of time. Between being sick and then dealing with his sudden move, it's just plain hard. I've gone through more tissue boxes than you could imagine. Yes. I admit I cry. I'm human. I'm a mom. Who happens to love her boys more than life.

Well, I could go on writing, but I'll end this mushy mom post because I have a TON of work to do. Guess that will keep my mind occupied while he's traveling.

Enjoy your day,
(a.k.a. Mom - I love you Bud!)

p.s. The picture at the top... Jas wrote that on there and gave it to me. He's also terribly shy, as you can tell ;)


mairedodd said...

oh, rocki - my heart goes out to you... it is those 2 sides of loving children so deeply... you encourage them to chase their dreams and live their lives fully... and then miss them so much it physically hurts... he will always be your boy, and you his mom... having shared so much it makes the ties stronger... thinking of you, my friend... xo

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

what a lovely post. i hope your day is bright and sunny even though it's a little cloudy right now. you're so blessed to have such wonderful sons who care and love their mom as they do!

Carol said...

Well, its certainly sad that so many of our kids have to move to other parts of the country to find the work that they want to do. But look at the bright side. With cell phones and free mobile to mobile he is only a click away any time of the day. And planes travel fast to get from south to north, and vice versa.

Keep busy girl, it helps.
xx, Carol

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

I know how you feel, Rocki. UGH! Worst feeling in the world EVER!! Just feel proud that you've done such a great job in raising your sons--so great in fact, that they are both strong and confident young men.

Sending much love and good Mom thoughts your way!

Jo :)

Rocki said...

You all have made my heart happy and put a smile on my face :) Thank you so much for always being there for me, I appreciate it more than you know!
xoxo ♥

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Hi Rocki - what a sweet mushy mom post! You must really be the best mom ever and I have no doubt your sons love you just as much right back.