Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bilateral Total Mastectomy Photos - 6 Month Post-Op

Bilateral Total Mastectomy Photos - Post Op
This is another update for my online open journal in hopes of helping others that have to, unfortunately, go through the same thing and looking for information - as I did. 
Below are three photos of my bare chest showing the healing process to date.  There is really nothing to it, no blood or gore, just my bare empty chest with scars.  Like last time, I just want to give a brief little warning for those who may be a little squeamish, etc.  The photos are of just my bare chest, but for my 12 month post-op, or before, it will be entirely of me as I'm comfortable in my own skin.  You can find more photos and/or info in the top tab: Breast Cancer Survivor 
Photo's start below:

Bilateral Total Mastectomy - post-op 6 months

Let me start by saying everybody heals differently and I heal slow.  Most of the scaring is still an ugly mean red and wider, while the rest is a light to pale pink and thinner.  The 61 staple scars are barely visible now.  In fact, some are gone.  My left side is more caved in while the right is flat.  The right armpit area still has a poofy lump (not cancer lump, just a lump area) but has gone down some.  It gets sore if over used, but nothing like a few months ago.  I'll find out Monday at my appointment the status on this.

Right side

My right side is where the nodes were removed and that area is healing quite nicely.  I'm not having any problems with that area, other than the lumpy part.  The drainage tube scars on both sides are a pale pink and barely noticeable now. 

Left side

Up until over a week ago, it had been a couple months without any pain issues.  But in my left chest wall area I'm having odd pain that goes into my back and left shoulder blade area.  The shoulder part feels more like bone pain while the other pain is, well, pain.  I do have mild degenerative arthritis in my hands and wrists, so not sure if that affects the shoulder area too (?).  I tried to research this, but all I came up with was heart issues and I seriously doubt that's what it is.  As funny as this may sound, I'm healthy otherwise, plus I eat a vegan diet (raw vegan as 4 months ago).  As with the right lumpy area, I will find out if this is related to post-op issues or another issue.

For all my wonderful online pals, customers, friends and fellow Survivors that have contacted me and asked how I'm doing and when am I going to post more pics - thank you!  I've been back to my "normal" (whatever that is) self and activities for a while now.  The only limitations really is I can't have blood drawn or blood pressure taken from my right arm - ever.  To sum it up, I'm doing AWESOME!  Well, other than the issues mentioned above AND finally over the acute upper respiratory infection, but hey... I've been through worse. 

And yes, I'll have more pictures than the ones posted here as I'm going to have professional pictures taken in a few months.  I'm hoping sometime this summer - and some will include Mark.   I can hardly wait!

Thank you all for your continued love & support for not only me, but for everyone that has to deal with this horrid disease.

Peace & Love,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I kept thinking as I was reading how brave you have been to share this health issue. I'm sure that your posts will help more than one person through their experience.

I finished reading and can only think about what an amazing person you are. Simply Amazing.
xx, Carol

Joeyk said...

Hi Rocki,
I have been following your blog. Thanks for sharing your journey and photos. You rock!!!!
Take care,
Jo from Melbourne, Australia

Rocki Adams said...

Carol and Jo, thank you both very much for your kind comments, I truly appreciate it! I only wish to help others, which in turn helps me.


Cynthia said...

Thank you - this is inspiring!

Rocki Adams said...

Thank you Cynthia :)