Monday, August 31, 2009

What's new with you?

Where on earth does time go? Last week flew by so fast I didn't have time to blink! I have several more vacation blogs yet to post with some fun and interesting pictures, but since my schedule is kind of wonky this week with appointments and studio time, I'll have to post one later in the week.

In the meantime, thought I would share a few of my new creations that are now in my shop. Above are my Kurly Kites. I really love how they turned out and just like my Go Fly A Kite ear wires, they wear great! Oh and they'll be available in all metals that I offer, as are most of my handmade findings.

My new Swirly Squovals are not only fun to wear, but they are quite lovely as well - if I don't say so myself :) These are interchangeable so you can add your own charms, beaded creations, etc., or wear as is. Also coming soon in all metals.

Okay, yes. These are jump rings - nothing new of course. However, they ARE new to my shop! I've been wanting to make them for months and have FINally done so. More sizes/gauges will be added soon. Currently available in Copper & Sterling - soon to be added in 14k Gold Filled.

Well, that is it for now. I have my ortho appointment in about an hour, so I need to bust'a move here. Tomorrow morning I have my dermo appointment. Fun times I tell ya! ;)

So what's new with you?


mairedodd said...

everything looks great! i love how you are adding spirals to your designs - are they hard on your wrist? have to go bust a move on to your shop! :o)

Carol said...

Welcome Back. Love your new items. Be sure to post when they are available in copper. Deb is raving about her order and I am so jealous that she got to meet you. I can't believe she didn't take a camera!!


luthien said...

nice nice nice!! now i know how to appreciate them better cos i just ventured into jewelry making :) of course the findings are still confusing... dunno what to use where! but i'm liking the hooks :) they look identical! how did you even do that??

Anonymous said...

Love the ear wires especially the kites.

michelle said...

you know we'll be asking for soldered rings next don't you!