Monday, August 24, 2009

Huntington Beach & Sea Shells

Some very cool findings from our walking the beach!

We had the most fun & rewarding vacation in a very long time! Instead of trying to cram our entire vacation into one blog, I'm going to do little blogs with pictures of some of our most memorable times.

Yep, that's me above after arriving to Huntington Beach. Oh and yes, that is pink hair you see - I FINally had it done! I still have the blonde and dark look, but had some very cool pink highlights added. Kind of like Neapolitan!

Anyway, this was the day before we returned home and Mark & I agree - it was the BEST way to end our fabulous vacation. The sun broke about an hour after arriving to the beach and the weather was perfect. The water was a bit cool at first, but was nice. I have more pics to share later, but for now these are it.

Mark enjoyed relaxing and watching the waves hit the beach. It wasn't very crowded at all, so it made it even more enjoyable.

This is our shell collection. I was itching to walk the beach and find shells like I did when I was younger. Of course, back then we found a bigger variety of shells, but what we found that day was amazing.

I have another picture of me holding the very cool Sand Dollar I found, but it isn't loading right - keeps turning the pic upside down. So, I'll try to add that one later.

If you go back up to the top picture, not only will you see the Sand Dollar I found, but also a very cool broken shell. The broken piece looks like a heart! I love hearts and even create them in my jewelry findings, so finding that broken shell was a very cool find!

We had so much fun doing many different things. I'm still not sure if the Whale Watching Cruise is #1 or relaxing on the beach is. In either case, this vacation was AWESOME!

More later as it's time to get to work and as one of my customers said "back to the real world!"
Peace, Rocki


mairedodd said...

the enthusiasm and happiness just pour out of your words and pics.... so very nice! i love your pink highlights... too bad i don't live closer, that's something i could do for you as i do for my daughter... i have just kind of 'found' an enjoyment in hearts... long story, some of it covered in my blog - you'll understand for sure... xooxo

dochoamom said...

Rocki, You know I said to Claudia after we left... Damm it we should have taken a picture with her...!!! Next time... Wonderful to finally meet in person. The pink looks great..

Love, Deb

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Snap! I was reading your recent blog post and up popped a message saying you had just signed our blog :)

It looks like you two have been having a wonderful time, but then again I think you two probably have a good time together all of the time! Love the pink hair, by the way :)

Sure wish we could play in the water like that up here. It's just a little chilly for that! LOL

Have a safe trip home!

Jo :)

The Beading Gem said...

Those shell pictures are ever so pretty. Would you be making jewelry with them or do you just collect them as mementos?

Coastal Sisters said...

Rocki...I am SO glad you had a wonderful vaca and I enjoyed the pictures. I love your hair!!!!!


Moondoonie said...

Are you on the east coast? I love the beach and collecting shells. You are a woman after my own heart!

luthien said...

hey rocki :)
looks like you're mega enjoying yourself!! lovely images especially the ones of you at the edge of the sea :) and wow!!! so many shells!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the shells you found, yay!! Even though you can find agates and such at the Oregon coast, there is just something missing without sea shells... ♥

Anonymous said...

The shell with a flower mark is very interesting.. I wonder if it's a fossilized something or a natural design :)

artangel said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday! Your beach finds are great - I didn't notic the shell with the "heart" piece broken off until you mentioned it - how fab!
PS LOVE your hair - it really suits you! x

Rosebud Collection said...

Nothing more peaceful than walking a beach and finding shells..I think sand dollars are so neat. I like the way the five doves are inside. Of course I don't like breaking them open to find them.
I like your hair..very chic..
Glad you had a great time.

Rocki said...

Oh thank you ALL for your lovely comments! I sincerely appreciate it! I have much more to share with you, so another vacation blog w/pics will be posted this week :)

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