Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knotts Berry Farm Day

I had a couple pics to use for today's vacation blog, but after several tries to upload it via blogger it did not want to work. So, please imagine the entrance to Knotts and a goofy pic of me & Mark on the little kids train :)

Both of us agree that Knotts Berry Farm is not like we remembered it to be. We were both young children the last time we were there and it's simply not like we remembered. Yes, we know times change and all, but the nostalgia was gone - at least to us.

I can remember my parents and grandparents taking us kids there in the 60's - back when it was still part farm, playing with the farm animals, watching the piano playing chicken, trying to figure out the the old mind shack that when you walked inside you leaned to one side and the big giant turtle you sat on - a real one! Fun times.

Now with the area around Knotts all grown up, buildings, shopping areas and other entertainment venues, guess they had to do something to keep up the pace to keep the locals and other visitors coming.

I'm not saying we had a bad time or anything of that nature, as we did have an enjoyable few hours while there. Although we didn't stay the entire day, it was another good day of our vacation spent.

We sure do miss the old Knotts - and the piano playing chicken!

p.s. This morning we are going on the Whale Watching cruise - again. Hopefully this time it will be smooth sailing :)


Coastal Sisters said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

LuLu~*xoxo said...

Tell me you at least bought some jam !!! Or is that different to! Rocki OMG I went in '66! last time for me too!