Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"I am not obsessed with coffee"

Mark's Barista Station
Mark loves coffee.  Scratch that, he LIVES for coffee! In fact, it flows through his veins. Fresh bean coffee to be exact.  Me?  I grew up on (cough cough) Taster's Choice, as in instant coffee, and had it occasionally.  When Mark & I got together and he found out that I drank Taster's Choice, I had to use smelling salts and perform CPR.  He then explained to me what REAL coffee was.  After my first cup of his fresh ground crack, I broke it off with TC and never looked back.

We used to have just one coffee maker.  Actually we've gone through several over the years as they go through a lot of use.  You know, just a simple coffee maker for our morning jo, which then turned into evening jo on some nights (decaf for me, Mark can drink caffeine anytime).  Then Starbucks came along and, well need I explain?  To save money, Mark bought an espresso machine - I don't touch it, too strong for me!  So I rearranged my little spice corner for his money saving Barista Station.

Coffee Pot and Keurig Station
And then there was Keurig.  He really had to do a lot of explaining to me why on earth it was necessary for us to have yet another coffee maker on top of what we already had.  Seriously, he's obsessed with his coffee and he's corrupting me! (takes a sip of jo)

Mark's explanation goes like this: the regular coffee maker is perfect for our morning jo, but too much for an evening cup, and we can't waste good coffee.  If we make half a pot, it just doesn't taste right.  The Keurig is perfect for our evening jo or whenever we want just ONE cup of coffee (I don't dare suggest instant) plus there's decaf, variety of flavors and tea as well (he mentions how much I love tea).  Okay, so he was right - again. (makes note to buy more decaf)

Still think he's NOT obsessed?
Even though I have a couple cups of morning coffee and use the Keurig on some evenings and tea occasionally, I don't drink espresso.  So I'm not obsessed too, right?  Wait... oh my gosh... (looking at the corner of our kitchen) I need to re-evaluate this.

(gets up for second cup)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Raw Almond Yogurt - by Nourish

1 cup almonds
Here is a simple vegan and gluten-free Raw Almond Yogurt recipe by Nourish, my favorite little restaurant that has a delicious variety of fresh food for us folks with food allergies (a Celiac's favorite place to eat!) and their menu is even color coded for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegans, vegetarians and a variety of food allergies.  Wait, back to the recipe... 

1 cup fresh water
This healthy recipe has 3 simple fresh ingredients - almonds, water and lemon.  You can add toppings of your choice of course.
1/2 fresh squeezed lemon
If you would like to make this fresh and easy recipe, hop on over here for the directions - you'll love it!

Oh and if you live in Arizona or plan to visit, make sure to stop by and have a tasty dish at Nourish, you won't regret it! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Quail Diner - Reservations Not Required

Table for two please
This year we have even more Gambel's Quail families than all the years before.  I'm guessing it is because there is more food, since I added several bird feeders, baths and drinking stations throughout the yard.  Mark lovingly calls our backyard "Rocki's Resort" because of the variety of birds that visit - sometimes it's like an all you can eat buffet that went wild.

Dad, baby and mom looking for an open table
 Most of the pictures I take are from inside the house and through sunscreens, so please pardon the unprofessional look of them.  The one above is from my dining room window, which is my favorite spot to watch all the birds, especially the quail as they are my favorite!
The babies are learning to eat on their own
Watching the baby quail and other birds grow has been the most exciting part of my summer.  Okay, there's more excitement than that going on, but I seriously enjoy watching and identifying birds.

So how do you think he got up there?
The topknot on their heads are starting to show and they look SO cute!  I just want to pick them up and cuddle them! 

Mom and babies hiding from the rain
We have the Gambel's Quail throughout our state and it isn't uncommon to see them in neighboring front or backyards.  But every time I see these adorable birds, it's like the first time!  They, along with the other birds, simply make me smile and enjoy my little sanctuary - my Rocki's Resort.

Happy Birding!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Blog: Handmade Jewelry Findings

Handmade Jewelry Findings Blog
 Happy Hump Day! 

Just want to let everyone know that recently I started a second blog dedicated to my handmade jewelry and supply findings.  I may still post a few items of interest here, but for the most part my handmade metalwork will be in my other blog - so feel free to visit, join and/or share!

This will continue to be my main blog filled with a variety of topics about my thoughts, inspiration... life in general, as I do love a good variety!  Oh, and featured guest artists spots once again.

So for those of you who have stuck with me for all these years and in between my absence, and for new readers, I thank you! 

Peace, Rocki

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Haboob in Peoria, Arizona

 Last night we had the pleasure of watching a Haboob roll in (a HUGE dust storm).  They are quite amazing actually and my photos did not do this one justice.  I was taking them from our back yard with my Droid, as Mark kept telling me to get inside.  Above is a view to the left.

 And this is a view from the right...

Okay, so now it is above us and after this pic I went inside, closed the arcadia door and the Haboob said hello in a big way.  After it left, we were blessed with an awesome loud, rolling thunderstorm with the works. At least it washed the dust away.

In light of the storm, we decided to watch the movie Twister.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Handmade Jewelry Findings

Handmade Silver Filled Ear Wire Sample Pack
My artisan handmade jewelry findings and supplies are growing by the day!  By customer requests, I've added several packages that include a variety of ear wires in Silver Filled, Copper, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled - like my Silver Filled Large Ear Wire package above that includes one of my original design Signature Kite ear wires.

Handmade Copper Jewelry Findings
I also offer my handmade jewelry finding sample packs in different metals that contain a variety of headpins, twist n wraps, eye links and jump rings.

Interchangeable Ear Wires, Silver Filled Spiral French

If you like interchangeable style earring wires, I have several designs in Copper, Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled and Silver Filled - like my Spiral French above.

And to make your handmade ear wires a little more creative, try my Silver Filled Swirl Headpins - which I also make in other metals and finishes.

I create a large variety of my handmade to order jewelry findings in my Etsy shop and also on Artfire.

My handmade metalwork jewelry can be found in these shops:

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer - I sure am!  Speaking of...time for me to jump in the pool.