Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"I am not obsessed with coffee"

Mark's Barista Station
Mark loves coffee.  Scratch that, he LIVES for coffee! In fact, it flows through his veins. Fresh bean coffee to be exact.  Me?  I grew up on (cough cough) Taster's Choice, as in instant coffee, and had it occasionally.  When Mark & I got together and he found out that I drank Taster's Choice, I had to use smelling salts and perform CPR.  He then explained to me what REAL coffee was.  After my first cup of his fresh ground crack, I broke it off with TC and never looked back.

We used to have just one coffee maker.  Actually we've gone through several over the years as they go through a lot of use.  You know, just a simple coffee maker for our morning jo, which then turned into evening jo on some nights (decaf for me, Mark can drink caffeine anytime).  Then Starbucks came along and, well need I explain?  To save money, Mark bought an espresso machine - I don't touch it, too strong for me!  So I rearranged my little spice corner for his money saving Barista Station.

Coffee Pot and Keurig Station
And then there was Keurig.  He really had to do a lot of explaining to me why on earth it was necessary for us to have yet another coffee maker on top of what we already had.  Seriously, he's obsessed with his coffee and he's corrupting me! (takes a sip of jo)

Mark's explanation goes like this: the regular coffee maker is perfect for our morning jo, but too much for an evening cup, and we can't waste good coffee.  If we make half a pot, it just doesn't taste right.  The Keurig is perfect for our evening jo or whenever we want just ONE cup of coffee (I don't dare suggest instant) plus there's decaf, variety of flavors and tea as well (he mentions how much I love tea).  Okay, so he was right - again. (makes note to buy more decaf)

Still think he's NOT obsessed?
Even though I have a couple cups of morning coffee and use the Keurig on some evenings and tea occasionally, I don't drink espresso.  So I'm not obsessed too, right?  Wait... oh my gosh... (looking at the corner of our kitchen) I need to re-evaluate this.

(gets up for second cup)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh!! Mark and I must be sister/brother from a different mother!! Everything you wrote about him, is exactly me...except if there is coffee left over before bed, I put it in a pitcher for tomorrow for iced coffee...but that RARELY happens. Also, I only use filtered water to make coffee as our water has certain chemicals in it that cause a ...YUCK ..film on the coffee after it is in your cup for a short while.

I LOVE coffee and only ever had TC once in my life. I would walk to the gas station before I would resort to TC.
xx, Carol

Mark (aka Bullwinkle) said...

I would like to add, that while it took a lot of convincing for my little squirrel to finally get the espresso machine and Keurig, they both have proven to be good investments. I have been drinking coffee since I was thirteen years old and drank official U.S. Navy coffee for eleven (what they say about Navy coffee is true!). I do know a really good cup of coffee when I taste one and I have my "coffee system" down pat!

Am I obsessed with coffee? I don't think so. I just know what I want from my cup of jo!

Home Baristas Unite!!!!!

Stela said...

This is hilarious!! I loved that you called it "fresh ground crack"! hahaha
We love our Keurig oh so much!

Rocki Adams said...

LOL - you guys must be twins because you posted just about the same time!

Carol, yes, you must indeed be sister/brother....! Ditto, we NEVER use tap water - it is horrid here - only filtered bottle water touches these lips ;)

Oh honey, my accountant and coffee guru you won already - lol!

Rocki Adams said...

Hey thanks Stela! LOL, what can I say...the stuff has me hooked! I admit that I love the Keurig too :)