Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zen Cacti Rock Garden

This was my first bloom
We have rock landscaping in both front and back yards.  We have a lot of plants as well and a few months ago I changed out our front planter.  I wanted something a little different this time - a simple blooming cactus.

So Mark and I headed to the local nursery garden and after looking at several cacti, the Echinopsis Oxygona was the one.  The common name is Easter Lily Cactus.  It is a small clump of cacti that shoots out several blooms at once and one at a time.  It blooms constantly during the spring, but this one doesn't know that because we are still getting blooms in the middle of our 100+ degree summer.

After planting the cacti, I added some 1/4" minus rock from our side yard and thought it looked pretty good.  I stepped back and looked at it for a moment and realized it needed a little more.  I went into the back yard and brought out some river rocks and one of my Sedona rocks.  Another look and then I realized I had created my own little zen cacti rock garden.

I love my little garden.  I love rocks too.  In fact I still collect them, you know those special shaped rocks. What can I say.  Maybe it's all the name.


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