Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonder Woman?

I'm not Wonder Woman, I don't have a magic tiera, special bracelets or golden lasso of truth. Nor have I found that "extra time" that we all look for, but I'm going to get back on the blog wagon once again darn it all. It's not that I don't have anything to say, because I most certainly do. It's that elusive time thing.

Oh and my handmade heart pendant necklace above can be found in my ArtFire Studio.

Anyway, this post will be short and sweet as Mark is on his way home from night school and we'll be watching the last disc of Rome. So exciting! Love love love this show! We don't watch T.V. so if there is something good out there that we find out about, we'll watch it on Netflix or rent it. Or of course like with Dexter we buy the DVD's - LOVE the Dexter!

Speaking of short and sweet... the teensie weensie micro hoop above can also be found in my ArtFire Studio.

I, Rocki, hereby solemnly swear that I will blog at least once per week. Oh and my posts are not always about my metalwork. I love variety, so you will see anything and everything. I don't follow any rules about what to or not to blog about. I'm me and that is what you shall see.

Lastly, my earrings above... yes, you know what's coming, say it with me now: can be found in my ArtFire Studio. Very good, well done!

Okay, the timer is going off for me to take another batch out of the tumbler and then soon it will be time to watch Rome!

"No one can resist the golden lasso. It binds all who are encircled and compels them to tell... the truth!" - Wonder Woman

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mairedodd said...

welcome back! i think about you so often - the work is beautiful! xo