Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long time no blog

Short and sweet...

I've been enjoying my summer, how about you? In between working and such I've been swimming laps just about daily, bicycling (stopped last month though - too hot!), enjoying time with my honey and now on my biggie vacation in Florida - with my dad who'll be celebrating his 69th birthday! Go dad!

Okay, I said short and sweet. Hope to blog more when I return.

Oh - so you're probably wondering what the heck does the photo have to do with this post. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just think that little guy is so cute! That is Mark's finger pointing at the little critter when we went to the Wildlife Zoo a few months ago. Okay, so they are both cute :)

Chow for now.

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Plantress said...

looking forward to more posts.