Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So who is Rocki anyway?

Good question! H'm, where to begin... I'm a lot of things actually, but I'll try to stay on point.

- I will never ever grow up. I'll be 50 (on paper) in December, but still feel 20 something. Okay, so maybe my body doesn't sometimes - LOL!

- Simple, casual, warped sense of humor, determined, committed, loves people, quiet, talkative, clumsy, never wear make-up of any kind, and about once a year (or so) the "other woman" comes out. "Other woman" you ask? You know, that bitch in all of us that just lets everything out all at once.

- Faithful. I resonate with the 60's/70's and a peaceful life. My kids still call me their "hippie mom". The the path that I follow in life represents peace and compassion. I'm not perfect, but I believe in my practice with all my heart.

I'm a very proud mom to my sons Jeremy & Jason. When I gave them life, they gave me mine. Our relationships are based on love, respect, trust, honesty and open communication. Although I'm their mom first, but they are my buddies who I have no problem confiding in. I love them more than life itself.

There wasn't a "how to be a mom" handbook when I had my boys. So I did my best and to be perfectly honest, I never had any problems raising them and have no complaints - they were and are awesome guys! Of course, I made mistakes along the way and wish I could have done some things differently, but we all learn from our mistakes. We grow stronger from them. I love you both, with all my heart!

I'm a wife, soul mate, life partner and friend to the most loving & caring guy: Mark. Wow, how to sum up our relationship...

- he is my best friend and the love of my life. I can't imagine life without him. We enjoy each others company and are still joined at the hip. We love quiet evenings instead of night life. He's always been there for me and always will, as I for him. That saying "in sickness and in health" he took literally, and I thank him for that.

- We've been on many trips so far in our 16+ years together and look forward to many many more. The pic above we were heading out for the Laughlin Run (before I got my OWN bike). We no longer ride, but we still take many trips.

I'm a daughter, sister, friend and then some. Our family is not the Walton's by any means, but that's what makes like fun and, well, interesting. We're more like a zoo family - a big variety of people, lifestyles, opinions, emotions, etc. Despite our irregularities, we are a loving crazy bunch.

Last but not least, I'm an artist that did not know existed until the worst of times. Good things come from bad situations.

Without going into all the boring details, I worked the crazy hectic corporate life for years until one day the rug was pulled out beneath me and ended up sick (not life threatening, but life altering). It took years, but I fought my way back to normalcy (whatever "normal" is anyway) and in doing so, discovered that I had a hidden talent. I'm self-taught and am currently teaching myself another metalwork that I'm really excited about!

There's a lot more about me, but I'll end this now. I'm not perfect by any means and don't claim to be, but I put my full heart and soul into everything I do, both personally and professionally. I love my life and everyone in it. I enjoy the fact that I own and operate my metalworking business by myself in which I have 2 online shops and sell locally as well.

My main motto is: Never give up! Hence my name "Rocki" that was given to me years ago by another.

Peace & Love,


Carol said...

Hi Friend.
So So glad you are back to blogging. FB is great but somehow a blog is more personal and I love when you showcase your work here and that of other artists.

Good post.

Rocki said...

Thanks so very much Carol! So nice to see you :)


Mark (aka Bullwinkle) said...

I can, will, and do attest to everything she has stated here! Not only is she a fantastic person to know, she is a blast to be with! Relaxed, yet adventurous! Anyone who knows her half as well as I do, loves her as well! I am proud to be her friend, husband, and soulmate!