Thursday, March 18, 2010

Name That Cloud

I've been meaning to post some pictures from our Florida trip in December, but... So I'll be posting a few of my favorites here and there.

Yep, that goofy gal is me driving my brothers boat while he co-captains. We had a total blast on that trip! It was the middle of December and we experienced rain, cold, sunshine and beautiful warm days. We'll be heading back there again in August for a whole week and I get to drive a BIGGER boat then!!

Okay, so now to the Name That Cloud. I love clouds, especially ones that resemble real life. Take a good look at the below picture and DO NOT scroll down yet. Can you make out what it looks like? Give it a few minutes and it will hit you.

So while we were visiting, we pretty much stayed in and on the water. So many beautiful places and beaches. Now that Chris has a bigger boat with cabin (and the all important bathroom!) we can travel even further into the ocean! Oh and he's going to teach me to drive that boat as well, that we have nick-named after me. He didn't actually name the boat "Rocki", but just for fun he did.

Oh yes... the cloud. Any clues yet? I have a couple other fun cloud pictures that I took on our trip, but will only post one of them because the other one is... well... let's just say it's on the nasty side! But we all got a good laugh out of THAT one!

As mentioned in my previous post, we're pondering moving to Florida. This is no joke, we are seriously looking into it as Mark & I are ready for a change. However, there are many factors right now that we have to consider first.
Cloud? Well? Any thoughts? I would love to say that the winner gets a pot of gold or "one meeeeeelion dollars" or a free shopping spree in my shop, but how would I know that you didn't cheat and take a peak at the below picture, hmmmm? ;) Okay... the moment of truth. Last chance before I disclose what it is! I'll give hints along the way as you slowly scroll down:

- animal

- large

- mammal

- hates mice

- loves peanuts

- grey (or gray, whichever you prefer ;)

- trunk

- zoo

Got it now?

Yep, it's an elephant! Come on, you can see it too, it's not pink! I'll post the other one next week - the clean one that is!

Happy Day!


Pat said...

Can honestly say I didn't see that elephant!
But I did see a little elephant, with his back to you, on the cloud formation that lies across from your elephant's foot, and a way under his trunk! That's my elephant :)

Carol said...

You had to be there, huh.
Kind like that spud you had. ~lol~

Moving to Florida would be kind of scary, especially with the "Palemetto" whatever bugs. I can't live with NO roaches. ~lol~ Well, bugs....did I say that? ha

You will have a riot wherever you are!
xx, Carol

dochoamom said...

I saw the elephant !!! was looking at pretty whispy clouds yesterday and mentioned it to Cody and he said they are from the jets that were flying over all morning. Con trails... another spoilsport...

Love, Deb

artangel said...

Ha ha that's cool - I love cloud gazing! Funnily enough I didn't see the elephant til you pointed it out, I thought it was an angel, facing right! Bit like ink blot tests aren't they?

You holiday looks fab, boat driving must be great fun! Hope the move goes well if you decide to go.

I've tagged you on my blog btw, if you get a sec come and see. Hope you end up posting the other cloud picture as a result! Enquiring minds need to know ha ha
A x

Rocki said...

Where did the week go?!

Well, glad you had fun playing the game and thanks for the comments!

Getting ready to post another quickie then into the studio for me.