Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Name That Cloud II

Are you ready to play another round of Name That Cloud? This fun cloud is another one that appeared to us on our Florida vacation in December. The answer is revealed at the end of this post, but don't scroll down yet, give it a little thought and see if you can guess what we thought it looked like at first glance.

In the early morning hours of one of our boating excersions, we came across LOTS of dolphins, like this one which was following it's baby. I took a ton of pictures of these two and all the other dolphins, really, I did! They were all around us and it was truly exciting to see them in their habitat like that!

So, any clues yet on the cloud?

While heading out of the channel where Chris & Tina live we spotted this little cutie. Okay, so not so cute but I was REAL excited to see a gator in the wild! The channel is about 2 boat wide, so yes, this gator was close. In fact, Chris tried to get as close to it as possible without scaring the little guy so I could take this pic, while leaning out the boat.

How are you doing with the cloud? Need a few hints again? Here we go...

- can be wild

- can be tamed

- loves snacks

- smart

- loveable

- cuddly

- short hair

- long hair

- no hair

- loves balls

- likes to chase cats

- thinks the mail person is tasty

- woof

Figure it out?







You got it! It's a little dog! Speaking of little dogs... I need to go feed my 'kids' now and then hit the studio.

Thanks for playing and see you soon!



SueBeads said...

I did see it! Great photos!

mairedodd said...

i saw it too - so great that you captured it! wonderful pictures...

artangel said...

I saw that one right away - I'm getting good at this!

Teri and Amber said...

I think it looks like the luck dragon in never ending story!

Christi said...

great dolphin photo! What a great sight to see :0) I'm a volunteer with our local marine mammal stranding network. Here we don't have bottle nose dolphins, but we have Dall's porpoises, Orcas, harbor seals, sea lions and some other beautiful marine mammals.

Have a great day!

流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

haha very funny & cute ,thk

Rocki said...

Glad you enjoyed this cloud, he was a cutie!

Teri and Amber, you're right! I loved that movie and he does look like the luck dragon!

Thanks all!