Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happiness to Me

I can honestly say that I am truly happy with my life, but of course there is always more room for happiness.

What is it that makes me so happy? Well, not to sound like a cliche', but it's not money. Money truly does not buy me happiness. In fact, sometimes the more you have them more problems it can create.

For instance, I had an acquaintance recently ask me why don't I hire someone to help in the studio so I could take on more work and make more money. Um... more work? No. I value my personal time and already work very long hours. More money? No. Uncle Sam gets enough of it already. Besides that is not why I'm working, I work because I thoroughly enjoy it - plus I'm not materialistic.

So what does make me happy? Here is where I find my happiness:

- being healthy. I've come a long way over the past few years and am thrilled to be where I'm at today!

- my boys. I love them dearly and watching them grow up and become the respected men they are today makes me proud to be there mom.

- my hubby. Mark is the love of my life, best friend, soul mate, rock and my life after life partner. I'd be lost without him.

- Buddha. I enjoy this path that I'm on and am inspired in every way and every day.

- my family. As dysfunctional as we may be, we have fun times when we get together.

- my 'kids'. Yogi, Maelyn & Sasha - my little fur babies who make me smile, laugh and love to cuddle up with.

- the sun. Feeling the sun on my face and the warmth on my skin puts a huge smile on my face.

- water. I'm an earth and water gal and need to be near water. I also drink several gallons a day

- okay, maybe not "several", but close.

- sitting on the beach, walking the beach, in a boat, on a boat, in the water, on the water... well, you get the idea.

- sight seeing. I enjoy visiting new places, taking pictures and just enjoy nature as it is.

- dark chocolate. I must have at least one tiny square a day - keeps the doctors away :)

- dreaming. Dreaming of possibly moving to Florida where my brother lives. Not that the "grass is greener..." but this is something we're pondering.

This is just a small list of what makes me happy. What makes you happy?


Carol said...

Gosh Rocki. I could make a list too but it would be much the same as yours. However, I would have to add birds and other critters. I spend way too much time looking around seeing what they are all doing.

I think that the truly happy people in this world, I count myself as one, would have a list much the same as yours. Oh, maybe not the beach or water, but where ever they find their peaceful place.

Aren't we lucky!
xx, Carol

dochoamom said...

I love this post Rocki !!! I am for some reason in a great mood today... I look back on where I have been and am thankful in some ways for the experience of having gone through some of the bad times as it made me a stronger person and who I am today.

Happy St. Patty's Day to ya !! Hello to Mark

Really you might move to Florida ?

Love, Deb

dochoamom said...

Oh I forgot definately DARK CHOCOLATE on my list...

Rocki said...

Thanks you two, you are both close to my heart :)

Oh I can just see you with all your critters Carol! I'm glad you are happy as well :)

Deb, yep I agree. I've been through some tough times as well and it has definitely made me stronger.

Yes & we are filling out a pros & cons list of moving to Florida. I miss my brother and our first visit there we fell in love with where he lives - very peaceful and laid back. We're going again in August - to see if I can handle the humidity.

Back to work for now.

Pat said...

What a lovely post. xx

Happiness to me: -
watching the robins feed off the fat balls
Listening to the birds sing,
throwing the ball for my dog and seeing her flying back with it, grinning
Having hubby right next to me when all this happens :)

oh yes, money to buy the fat balls and tennis balls :)

Rocki said...

Oh that is a wonderful comment Pat, thank you! I LOVE when dogs grin, mine do it often and it just makes me smile :)

Yep, we do need a little money for the fat balls, tennis balls, etc!


mairedodd said...

i love this post, rocki - so wonderful to hear the things that are important to you...
am going to think on it and then write back!! :0)

Rocki said...

Hey MJ, thanks so much :) Hope all is going well with you!