Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tonglen is a Tibetan word for a "sending and receiving" practice. As a Buddhist layperson, I practice this often. However, you do not need to be a Buddhist to benefit from this most compassionate form of healing as it can be done by anyone.

What does it do? In my way of describing it, Tonglen is a visualization technique to receive the pain, hurt and suffering from others, as well as yourself, and to send out healing love, peace and happiness.

How do you do it? It can be done in full meditation style or anywhere, even in line at the grocery store. Visualize the person (eventually we want to visualize the world as a whole, but it's easier to start with yourself or another person). While breathing in, visualize dark black smoke - this is the pain and suffering. Turn this pain and suffering into healing love, peace and happiness while breathing out clean white smoke. Repeat this during your meditation period or for as long as you want. It actually makes you feel as though you are healing the other person, even though in reality we do not have that full power, yet. You, in return, receive healing from this practice.

Here's a quote from Pema Chodron's book "In Start Where You Are":

"When we encounter life situations that spontaneously evoke compassion, it is not necessary to go through all four stages. It's fine to begin with the third stage, the stage of breathing in the pain in the situation that confronts us and breathing out something that will help. It's fine to breathe in the pain and send out relief or love. There is no need to do the other parts-flashing absolute bodhichitta or working with the black, heavy, and hot and white, light, and cool. These can be skipped in daily life when you do tonglen on the spot."

So today I'm doing this practice for a someone near and dear to my heart that is going through a rough time right now. I hope she feels the healing love, peace and happiness that is in my heart.

Much love to all,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Caution... curves ahead

While I was on my R&R vacation (gosh I need another one) I was playing around with some new clasps and here they are:


Curl n Swirl

Elfin Petal

Classic Wrapped Clasp

Caution. Curves ahead.
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do the Hula-Hoop!

Do you remember the hula-hoop? Yes, I know they still have them today, but when I was growing up the Hula-Hoop, along with the Pogo-Stick , were like the Nintendo's of today. THIS was hot entertainment let me tell you! Getting past 100 was pretty cool or jumping as high as my Dad's head (he's short) was the best! And when we were called in for dinner, we didn't have to say "Wait mom! I have to save first!"

Speaking of hoops.

I've been making new findings and thought I would share the ones I've added to my Etsy Shop.
Above are my Big Egg Hoops. Big is hot right now, oval is a nice shape and hoops are always in style. What else could I do but name them as I did?

Big Retro French Hoops

My signature Retro French ear wires ate their Wheaties. These Big Retro French Hoops are very stylish. They still have my Retro French shape, but you get a nice hoop as well - but not too big of one.

Speaking of my Retro French ear wires, here they are now in a nice hand brushed Antiqued Finish. These are also available in Bright & Dark Polished finishes.

Thanks for letting me share. Oh, wait - one more item. I decided that starting next week, I will include "Wacky Wednesday" to my blog. We all need a little silliness in our lives, so I'll be doing just that each and every Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

They're coming to take me away...

It's been a little crazy lately and no time to blog really, so I leave you with a video of one my favorite songs from years ago.

Happy Manic Monday ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

She DID! She did she did I tell ya!

LOL! My sweet sweet friend and sis at heart Sharon (ManaMoon) left a surprise for me this morning. She thought I would REALLY look good with turquoise hair as she knows how much I LOVE that color!

I could barely see through the tears from laughing so hard when I found the little present she left me. I just had to share this very funny photo with everyone! You are just WAY too funny Sis!

Love ya big time!

(Move over Pink, Turquoise Rocki is here!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did she or didn't she?

Only her hair dresser knows for sure - and Mark, but he's sworn to secrecy.

I've had a couple friends ask how my hair turned out. Well, since I'm not able to take any pictures until this weekend, I'll let you wonder with this picture.

Nawwwwwww! I can't do that to you! I didn't go as drastic as I wanted to, but I did get my hair cut much shorter and a more versatile style that I really like. I can funk it up, go casual (me), spike it, smooth it, bedhead (me) dress it up... love it! Next visit I will go more blond though.

I'll have Mark take pics this weekend and promise I will post them.

Oh and I was tagged as well, but running short on time so hopefully I will do my part later this week.

Happy Bluesday ;)

p.s. no, I did not go blue... but I DID think about pink!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Awe, go fly a kite!

When I was growing up in California we used to fly kites all the time. Our house was at the top of the street, which sloped downwards, and my brother David & I would tie our kites onto our our bikes (the ones with the cool sounding cards clothe pinned to the spokes) and would zoom down the hill. Too much fun! However, my FAVorite place to go kite flying was the beach! I loved it when we went to the beach and dad would put together our kites.

I haven't flown a kite in years, until now. Well, sort of . While sitting at my bench, I came up with a fun idea for an earwire and these are it. They remind me of kites, so I just had to name them "Go Fly A Kite". Funny, but true, "go fly a kite" was one of my mom's favorite sayings. I can't repeat the other one.

That's it for this morning. Just a shameless plug for one of my new creations. Oh! Wait, one other little tidbit. Even though I'm working this morning (which I need to get into the studio, like now), I worked most of the day yesterday so that I could get into the salon for a cut & color. Long overdue, as always. This go around I want something very different. My hair is already short, but too long for me and out of shape. I want something bold, drastic, different, unique... we shall soon see.

Happy Monday,

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The REAL Bad

"She's a big sister. She hugs her little brother really, really hard. Sometimes she holds his little hand so tightly his knuckles pop. What can she say? Sometimes love hurts".

Did that tickle your funny bone? Are you snickering at least a little? Are you rolling over with laughter? Do you need to excuse yourself? I about fell off my chair when reading the descriptions for these "Quirky folk art dolls in the primitive style" from Gravel Alley Primatives (pocomedio's) Etsy Shop.

I came across this shop one day from one of my Team ESST member's blogs. Let me tell you, just looking at these "rag stuffed for that old time, heavy, lumpity bumpity" handmade dolls, will make you smile - and then wet your pants after reading the descriptions! Like this one:

"Keep hands and feet clear. She doesn't have much to say but she has teeth like a shark. She loves to wait until mom's making a left turn into heavy traffic before she sinks her teeth into her baby brother's shoulder. When he learns to talk, she's in trouble. "

Just one more doll to share with you then whether you are in need of a smile, chuckle or laugh until you... well, cry? You MUST go check out her shop. You won't regret it. Promise.

"Stand back. She's gettin' ready to sweat. Her change of life is in full swing and if you say one more thing she may help you slip into something more comfortable, like a coma."

Oh, and the Menopausal Matriarch? Stand back... she's mine! Yup, just bought her. I can hear Mark laughing right now. Or is that the laugh of fear wondering what it will be like with two of of us in the same house?

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tidbits, Teams & Terrific Stuff

Mark & I are planning our summer vacation! We didn't go on one last year, so this summer we are going Knotts Berry Farm! We haven't been there since we were kids. In fact, the last time I was there the only ride was the Log Ride. Before that - it was a live giant turtle that you got to sit on for about 30 seconds and then it was the next kids turn.

My Organic Wrapped Clasps are taking on a new look: Antique Finish! I have a few other new additions in my shop, so feel free to take a look around.

I've recently joined some new Etsy teams and am very happy to promote them and my fellow teammates.

The most recent is Inspirational Avenue (I just love that name!) created by the lovely Sharon (ManaMoon). I was accepted into the team just last night and am very excited to be a a part of this inspiring team! Thank you!

A fun group to meet lots of fellow etsians and other people around the world AND a great way to promote your shop is our Etsy Twitter Team! Our Team Leader, Vickie of In My Head Studio, is an outgoing, hardworking and talented fellow etsian that is doing a FABulous job running our team. You rock Vickie!

For a variety of supplies for all your crafting needs, the Etsy Supply Street Team is there for you! Our awesome Team Co-Leader is Carla of Car-Don Creative Design. Thank you Carla & all our other leaders for keeping us all informed!

Happy Hump Day!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Etsty Twitter Team Shop of the Week!

Once a week our Etsy Twitter Team features a shop of the week and as team members, we help to promote one another. Here is a re-post about our Beautiful Bridget, the Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week: :

Kimberly Ferrugia, of Beautiful Bridget, has a lovely shop filled with handmade crochet scarves, cowls, scarflettes, hats, accessories and more. Each product is made with lots of love and attention to detail... if it isn't what she considers perfect then she won't sell it, it's that simple! Her items have a fun and funky flair to them. Her color choices are divine! She adds unusual details to her items so they are each one-of-a-kind!

Beautiful Bridget has been open on Etsy since May 2008. All of the items available in her store are handmade by her and can be made in various colors. If you see something you like but want it in a different color just let her know! She is very open to accepting custom orders.

Shipping is completely free to the US and Canada! Beautiful Bridget ships internationally as well. She also offers gift certificates in her shop in case you would rather let your loved one pick their own gift or you just cannot decide because her creations are all so wonderful.

In addition to being an Etsy Twitter Team member she is also a member of the following teams on Etsy: EtsyFAST, the Christian Artists Street Team (CAST), EtsyMoms, Etsy Hookers, Fabulous Artistic Moms (FAM), Etsy Twitter and Etsy Trade-a-holics (Team Trade On).

The deadline for shipping for Valentine's Day is February 9th for US shipping and February 2nd for international shipping.

If you love crocheted items check out her shop because you will not be disappointed!
All images © Kimberly Ferrugia of Beautiful Bridget

If you want to see more of our team, please visit our team blog.

Have a beautiful day,