Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do the Hula-Hoop!

Do you remember the hula-hoop? Yes, I know they still have them today, but when I was growing up the Hula-Hoop, along with the Pogo-Stick , were like the Nintendo's of today. THIS was hot entertainment let me tell you! Getting past 100 was pretty cool or jumping as high as my Dad's head (he's short) was the best! And when we were called in for dinner, we didn't have to say "Wait mom! I have to save first!"

Speaking of hoops.

I've been making new findings and thought I would share the ones I've added to my Etsy Shop.
Above are my Big Egg Hoops. Big is hot right now, oval is a nice shape and hoops are always in style. What else could I do but name them as I did?

Big Retro French Hoops

My signature Retro French ear wires ate their Wheaties. These Big Retro French Hoops are very stylish. They still have my Retro French shape, but you get a nice hoop as well - but not too big of one.

Speaking of my Retro French ear wires, here they are now in a nice hand brushed Antiqued Finish. These are also available in Bright & Dark Polished finishes.

Thanks for letting me share. Oh, wait - one more item. I decided that starting next week, I will include "Wacky Wednesday" to my blog. We all need a little silliness in our lives, so I'll be doing just that each and every Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day!


Catherine said...

Oh yes, I remember desperately wanting a pogo stick. Needless to say, I didn't get one. You can see it's ruined my life! ;-)

I love your new earring wires! You make them so beautifully! The best I've ever used!


oh yes.. the memories..
one of my fav's was kick the can..

pretty stuff today ..
nice to see your pretty face looking back at me...

mona & the girls

Sweets 'N Greets said...

Love the big hoops! And, um, yeah...I remember the pogo sticks!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Rocki said...

Thank you all. Okay Mona, you got me with kick the can - hmm, how about the Wheelo? ;)

artangel said...

I could never hula-hoop, and still can't - am very impressed that you could get to 100 Rocki!
Your new earring wires are great, and your photos are fab too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the walk down memory lane, I used to LOVE the Hula-Hoop!! Ah,and yes, the days of "not saving", good times, good times! ;-)

Love your newest creations Sis, they're fabulous!!