Friday, October 23, 2009

Long time no blog ;)

Received this text pic from my brother Chris of my little Nephew Ian saying "HELLO FROM FLORIDA!" First time on the Florida beach and he loves it. Yep, he and Tina left Tuesday morning - this was Ian's first plane ride and he had a blast! Chris has been in Tampa for about 2 weeks now and is very happy to have them home - their new home that is. We go to visit them in December and I can hardly wait!

So what has been up? Gosh... where to even start. Obviously I'm not blogging much. Okay, haven't blogged in about a month to be exact. I'll probably only post once per week for the next few months as I'm super busy in all areas of life. Have had some ups and downs, but such is life and life is good.

Went on our 1st 3 day cruise. This is us - well, part of us - as we're leaving port. I'll leave this one alone for the most part as I ended up horrifically sick more than half the cruise due to being served the wrong meal in the dining room. I'm allergic to wheat & dairy and my meals were preplanned (Carnival offers this for food allergies). However they messed up on one of them and I ended up in the Infirmary and spent the rest of the cruise in bed. Now I understand cabin fever.

Mark was really sick for a while and ended up with bronchitis. Luckily he got over it in time for the U2 concert we went to Tuesday night. He still has the nagging cough though. I've been fighting from getting sick, but mine is from lack of sleep and my crud trying to kick in.

My shop has been keeping me real busy and I've been making more finished pieces as well. Like my new Curly Q earrings above. I made me a pair to wear at the concert and decided to make another for my shop. I have other styles coming soon.

Oh and my new Simply Sweet Hoop earrings. Made with Fine Silver and am offering these in an oxidized & bright finish, as well as in Copper.

Well, that's about it for now. Need to get into the studio as I have another busy day. Hope everyone is well and healthy.



Coastal Sisters said...

I am so glad to see you posting again!

Oh sweetie, I am sorry you got so sick on your cruise and then Mark getting sick too. Yuckola!

I am loving your new creations :)


dochoamom said...

Was wondering where you were... love the new stuff... BTW those Simply Sweet Hoop earrings remind me of nose/lip/belly jewelry... a possible new market for you???

Love, Deb

mairedodd said...

roooooocki! hey there! love your new work... life's ups and downs continue, hmmm... very sorry to hear about the mix up on the cruise... supposed to be a stress free vaca! and u2, huh? i am a bit green i admit! so nice to hear from you... xoxo

Carol said...

I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Glad to hear you are well. Did they give you a credit on your next trip?

Glad you're back on the blog. said...

Sorry about Carnival messing up. Please go to and enter that story so other people with food allergies know about it. The website shares stories about food allergy friendly (and not) restaurants, etc.

artangel said...

Sorry to hear you and Mark were poorly hon - hope you still managed to enjoy some of your trip.

Your new work is as beautiful as ever!

If you get chance to stop by I've left you an award over at my blog :)

Michelle said...

wow, what fun and unique makings! I'm glad I found you!
I'm looking for people to send me 20-25 promo items from their shop for a holiday boutique!
I need them by Dec.1st!
Those that help me out will also be featured on my blog for the whole month of December.

How cool is that?

You can see more about it on my blog here...

or send me a note with any questions...thanks!


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