Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I am now one year closer to my BIG birthday bash and I'm so very excited! Today I am 49 on paper and 20 something in life. Obviously, my BIG birthday bash next year will be the BIG 50.

Age truly is just a number and that's it. I feel that if you THINK you're old, then there you go... you're old. Think young and life will be a blast! You know, I don't even know what 49 feels like because I still feel young and will FOREVER be a kid. In fact, I'll be wearing jeans, tank tops and flip flops until the day I die. I've never given much thought about my age as it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Well, wait... okay so when I was just 16 years old, I had a crush on our Crystal bottle water delivery guy - he didn't know it, so I thought. He was probably around 20 something and I always made sure to be the one to answer the door when he dropped off the jugs of water. Oh and let me just say that I've always looked younger than my years (although they are catching up with me). So one day I guess my face said it all and he made the comment that I was probably only 12 years old. OUCH! That was the end of my crush.

Mark teases me about being older than him, robbing the cradle and all that, but come on hon... by 6 months and 10 days? He knows it doesn't bother me at all, but teases me all the same. You know hon, you're right behind me ;) I just love him to pieces! Oh and thank you hon for the hilarious birthday card - TOO FUNNY!

Well, just a short blog about my BIG upcoming birthday. Yes I know, I have a whole year to go, but why waste time? I'll enjoy every second of life and when the BIG day comes, watch out - I'm letting loose!

Happy day everyone!

p.s. the picture was taken at the U2 concert in October. I dressed it up a little :) Oh and I have a 'slightly' different pixie hairstyle now more upbeat, funky and sassy with pink only in the front. It's so me.


luthien said...

OMG!! happy birthday rocki!!! and you rock!! i love your outlook in life ... i am exactly the same :) tanks till 90!! woohoo!! your new hairstyle absolutely rocks!! and those braces !!!! one day when i get enough cash and courage (ARGHHH the pain!!!) i will get mine done :)) happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! and happy new year!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Debi!!!

Many blessings to you love!

♥ Janell

mairedodd said...

happy birthday rocki! you are so wonderful and am so glad you are feeling so joyous - u2? so cool... i love them...
think of you often and send only the best and most positive energy your way.. xoox

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Happy Birthday, Rocki!!! I'm a little ahead of you--I'll turn the big 5-0 in April :) I'm always forgetting how old I am and I hope I always feel that way! Maybe our generation will redefine aging :)

Have a GREAT day!!

Jo :)

dochoamom said...

Happy Birthday... Yes you are way younger than 49!! Let us know what is up next year... How was Florida ?

Love, Deb

Carol said...

Happy Hippy Birthday, Girl!!! Your pic came up in my blog roll and I couldn't really see it then automatically I thought, Yay Rocki posted!!

The big 50 ain't nuthin!! When you're lookin at 60 like me, you try to avoid the mirror, no matter how well you are weathering the storm. Inside you are 30 something and the reality does NOT need to rear its ugly head ~lol~.

So my friend, have a great day and a great and healthy New Year. You enjoy life more than anyone else I know, except maybe my 12 year old grandson ! !
Much Birthday Love,

ale8oneboy said...

Keep a rock'n! It’s my birthday too! Happy Birthday! -

SueBeads said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!

Rocki said...

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! Even though I haven't blogged in ages, my faithful little buddies came to pay a visit. WOW! Tissue time!

Okay, so I'll get back to this later today to thank you individually, but wanted to at least thank you as a group for now.

Back to the studio for me.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Happy Birthday Rocki! Kindred goat souls are b-day is tomorrow.
I'm with you - I'm never growing up or old. I'm going to be riding my horses bareback when I'm 80. :)

artangel said...

(A belated) -

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Roooooo-cki
Happy Birthday to yooooou!

Hope you had a great one! You should start planning now for the next one - only 363 days to go lol! xxx