Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be Pampered by The Ferris Wheels

There are so many fabulous shops on Etsy that every time I come across one that I really love, I must share it! Like The Ferris Wheels : "easing aches and pains with comfort and style."

I came across this shop while in the Etsy Forums one day when I read a marvelous positive thread started by theferriswheels. I ventured over to their shop, which is run Sally and forgive me but I don't know the other gal's name, which is a "sister and sister in-law who named our business in memory of our mother/mother-in-law, Mrs. Ferris." Well, was I ever happy that I landed in their shop!

They create and make just about anything to ease aching muscles, relax and calm your head from painful headaches, sooth aching feet, shoulders, wrists and... oh gosh, the list is endless!

Some of you know that I have Fibromyalgia, I just don't like to broadcast it. Besides, I've learned to manage with it and life has been AWEsome for several months! Anyway, on top of that I have mild arthritis in my wrists - yes, I know I work with wire - go figure! I use my Tiger Balm, Aspercream , Theragesic, etc. along with my plain old cold packs & heating pads. Well, after visiting this shop, I felt like I hit the jackpot!

It was difficult to decide what to buy as I wanted it all! Although I wear wrist braces, I don't have any type of hot/cold pack for them other than my homemade rinky dinky thing. So I purchased two of the Wrist Hot or Cold Pack (matches my hair :) Oh... my... gosh! I no sooner received them in the mail when I heated them up and put them on. Well, actually due to the Arizona sun while sitting in the mail box, they were already heated - LOL!

Let me tell you, from purchase to the excellent handmade quality and customer service, they are AWESOME! I use my wrist wraps just about every evening after a long hard day in the studio. I'm already making a list of what to buy next that matches my wrist wraps. Well, you know... a girl has to look good while sitting around with hot/cold packs on.

So head on over to their shop and have a looksie for yourself - you'll be amazed at the huge selection and wide variety of colors available. Oh and another plus, very affordable!

Hmm? Wonder if they make anything to soothe an aching tush?
Have a pain free day!



daisyfleur said...

These products look great! Thanks for sharing ;o)

Coastal Sisters said...

What a great shop! Now, for the aching tush...if you find something, let me know! I get so tired of sitting down all the time to work!


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Heading over to check this shop out now. I'm in need of something to soothe my eyes at the end of the day...
Thanks for sending me the link to that other Etsy shop, too -- neat horsey stuff!