Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a few tidbits

I have so much that I want to blog about, but not enough time right now. It's so nice having Jeremy home! He's still here, but is now staying over at my sister's house, Laura, spending time with his nephews and everyone. He's making the rounds until he has to head back to Portland next week.

So, just a few tidbits to fill my lonesome blog until next week. Above and below are my new Slide n Go Interchangeable Ear Wires.

Below are my very cool Big Loop Wild West Earring/Ear Wires. One of my customers wanted a bigger loop than my standard Wild West and, yes, you know it. I loved them so much that I just had to make a pair for myself AND add them to my shop. One in Sterling Silver:

And one in 14k Gold Filled of course: Big Gold Loop Wild West

Tonight we're going to Corbin's graduation, my nephew/Laura's oldest son. It is an outdoor ceremony at the stadium, but it may be changed to another venue because we're due for thundershowers today & tonight. Guess we'll find out shortly.

My wrists are healing quite well. I think I simply over worked them far too long and have now changed the way I do things. The doctors office called yesterday to have me start therapy - no can do. I don't have the time to spare, plus I don't want to spend $35 a pop 3x per week when I can do it at home for free. I'm juuuuust fine :)

I'm off like a prom dress. Time to make the donuts. Time to get this party started. I'm heading out like a baby. Too much coffee perhaps? ;)

Happy day everyone!


Carol said...

So glad you are better. Love your new items. Enjoy the boy! (a a a man I mean)

mairedodd said...

love the new pieces... and very clever (and beautiful) on the interchangeables... definitely gives me something new to think about... glad you are doing well!

Mazzy Blue Studios said...

I just love these new pieces and will have to try them with my next order:)

Anonymous said...

Haha... you're so funny woman!

You go with your bad self!

But take care too, okay?

artangel said...

Great work Rocki - glad you're feeling better and are able to get back to some creativity! Have a lovely time with Jeremy, and just for the record, you can never have too much coffee!
Angie xxx