Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Firewood Furniture

We find inspiration in one form or another, such as working in a garden, a beautiful hike or snowshoeing in the woods, gazing into the waves of an ocean - the list is endless. Nestled in the rural area of Western Massachusetts, you'll find Chuck & Devon of Firewoood Furniture, who find inspiration in the natural world around them.

Firewood Furniture - no, their creative art is not used for firewood! It's all in the name and to quote Devon, here is how they came up with their business name:

"it is a combination of the materials we use. We use birch trees as our logo because we love them, but also because they are a pioneer species that is the first to spread new growth to an area after fire. It seems to fit the name Firewood well. The name also has some irony for us. We both grew up in rural areas where signs for "Firewood" were posted everywhere. And of course, we like to think that nothing we create would be used for firewood unless the apocalypse were upon us :) So our name is partly serious and partly our weird sense of humor."

Chuck is the woodworker and Devon creates ceramics. They like to combine their skills to come up with unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful. You must see their shop to see what I mean. Read their Profile as well, very informative.

Not only do Chuck and Devon sale their work on Etsy, but they also do craft shows. Most of their smaller work is on Etsy, which they heard about in Venus Zine several years ago and finally decided to open up a shop. Glad they did because I'm the proud owner of one their Rustic Serving Trio sets, similar to the one below:

Oh but alas, they have more than gorgeous furniture! Go visit their shop and you'll find beautiful cutting boards, magnets, tiles, earrings and more. I can almost smell the wood and feel the cool sensation of the ceramics just browsing their shop.

Happy shopping!



mairedodd said...

hey! thanks so much for sharing that... what a great art family combo - wood and ceramics... love this!

Anonymous said...


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Moondoonie said...

Thanks for sharing & for your dedication to getting the word out about other artists. It's inspiring and motivating.

GoodDirtJewelry said...

Rocki, You are just the sweetest person! There you are busy as a bee and still have time to write lovely posts about other artists. Thanks so much for sharing Firewood Furniture with us! Their pieces are so wonderfully unique and gorgeous :)