Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Buddhaful Buddha Wall Art

Buddha Wall Art

If you've been on my blog for a while you know that I shop at Goodwill and Savers for clothing and other household goods.  Sometimes we find the most unexpected items.

This took place just a few weeks ago.  We walked into Goodwill and right smack in front of us, hanging off the front of one of the clothes sections, was this beautiful Buddha wall hanging.  Of course we immediately went to look at it.  It was perfect.  Simple made, a tad worn, but absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

Let me say here that we have a variety of Buddha's in our home, but not expensive ones.  We are simple people for the most part and do not shop at expensive stores.   

Anyway, we turned the Buddha over and there was the price tag.  Mark and I looked at each other in confusion after seeing the price.  This couldn't be right.  We searched for another price tag just in case.  Nope, just that one stuck on the back.  It was shameful, the price that is. We didn't give it another thought and bought it for $1.00.  Yes, stop rubbing your eyes. One whole buck.

Buddha find at Goodwill

After we got home and cleaned it off a little, we measured it out of curiosity.  The entire length is a little over 3 1/2 feet from top to bottom of tassels.  We hung it on the wall in the living room right next to the arcadia door. 

Our new to us Buddha looks absolutely Buddhaful in his new home.



Jan said...

It is absolutely "Buddhaful" and it was waiting just for you, Rocki :]

I also have a few Buddha's in my home. They are also inexpensive and I am not a Buddhist, but I find comfort in them somehow.

I just love Goodwill!!!


Anonymous said...

That truly is beautiful, what a great find!!!

Rocki Adams said...

Thank you Jan and Lon, I sincerely appreciate your comments!