Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Super Size Me!

Big Strawberry!
Last week was a big week.  Seriously, it was.  I mean, check out this strawberry, it is the size of my palm!  Bonus - cool heart shape.

I buy most of my fruits and veggies in bulk because of how much we go through in a week.  Well, there was a big sale on strawberries, so I bought a big batch.  Some I freeze for our green smoothies and other yummies, and the rest we eat fresh.

So I text Mark the pic of the strawberry and told him I wasn't going to eat it.  I lied.  We ate it that night when I made a raw vegan banana split.

It was delicious.

Big Medjool Date!
We always have dates on hand, mainly Medjool and Honey.  I use them in my homemade almond milk and a variety of recipes from dressings, main meals to desserts.  They are natures candy and whenever I want a little sweet I just pop one in my mouth and enjoy.

Yes, I text this to Mark also with the caption: "I don't know what I'm shocked about more, the size of this huge date or how it blends with the wrinkles in my hand."  His reply: "no comment ;)"  If anything ages me faster, it is my hands.

Anyway, this was the first time I've come across a Medjool date THIS big!  Just like the strawberry, it fit in the palm of my hand and was a hefty little dude... I mean big.  I thought maybe I should put it up on ebay or call David Letterman, but it looked too darn tasty to go through all that (kidding of course).

So I ate it. 

And it was delicious.


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