Monday, April 15, 2013

Clothes Shopping Weekend - scored big time!

Ready to go shopping in one of my favorite tops, come along!
This weekend we went clothes shopping at two of our favorite stores: Goodwill and Savers.  In fact, we do most of our clothes shopping there, except for undergarments, etc.  Mark scored BIG time with a weeks worth of clothes for both home and work, plus a home office chair.  He needed new clothes since he's now down 2 pant sizes and has one more to go.  I'm so proud of him!

One of the toughest things to do when you're flat as a board (due to bilateral mastectomy for those who do not know) and don't wear a prosthetic or any type of bra, is clothes shopping for tops - and especially dresses.  Let me just say here that darts are not my friend.

Cute multicolor tank and capris - $7
Because I am who I am and wear whatever I want and feel comfortable in...well, make that almost anything.  There are some clothes that just don't work when you're flat, no matter what.  Like tops/dresses with darts.  And tube tops (gasp!, I tried one on yesterday - ha, never again!).  Let's just say anything that has extra material for even the littlest boob - it just doesn't work.

Cool top with adjustable straps
While I have found some awesome tops while being flat for the past 7 1/2 months, it is still a major treasure hunt.  Please don't think that I just walk in, grab a top and go.  Um, nope!  Sometimes I leave empty handed and bummed.  This is not just because it is a second hand clothes store - it is HARD finding something that fits my flat chest without looking totally freaky.

Casual blues and browns top - $3.99
In the beginning I looked for clothes for my flat as a board chest to not be so noticeable to others.  NOT because I was embarrassed or anything, it was mainly to not freak them out.  Yes I get stares of all kinds and I admit that there have a been a few times that the very rude ones got to me.  BUT, if you know me or have read some of my posts, I have a very healthy attitude, am completely comfortable in my own skin and will NOT hide who I am.

Anyway, I practically live in summer attire as that is what I'm most comfortable in.  So, I had decided a few months back that I will forever dress for ME alone.  Well, I do ask Mark's for his opinion ;)

Let me say here that how I feel does not mean that everyone else in my situation feels the same.  My fellow sisters have a right to dress how they want, wear prosthetics, bras, etc.  We're all individuals and I completely respect that - as should everyone.

I LOVE this dress!!!
So guess what I found at Goodwill?  A FABULOUS dress... that fits!  The photos came out rather dark, but it is actually a chocolate brown and the material is a soft polyester spandex blend.  I looked at it on the rack and my first thought was "riiiight, that will not fit and will not work for me."  So I continued on down the rack.  Then I kept looking back at it and thought what the heck, just try it on Rocki!  And so I did.  And then I pinched myself.  Over and over.

Love the back of this dress too!
It fit me like a glove and I couldn't stop smiling!  I would never have worn something like this, or some of the other slinky tops I now own back when I had boobs.  In fact, I'm more comfortable now wearing some of the tops I find than I was before.  I'm even more adventurous!

Can't believe I found this at Goodwill - and for only $9.99!
The breast area of the dress is puckered/gathered which makes it look like I sort of have teensy weensy boobs.  Now my dress isn't that slinky, but think about some of the models and actresses that are considered flat or barely have any boobs and they wear beautiful gowns and slinky dresses that show off their breast area and they look gorgeous!

Just one more pic of this sexy dress - before I pinch myself again.
Of all the clothes I got this weekend (which will be another post down the road) my favorite is this dress!  I just had to put in on one more time at home.  I can't believe that I finally found a beautiful dress that fits like it was made for me.  Now I have something decent to wear on our next Arizona Broadway Theater day.  Or to a nice dinner out or...  Hey honey!

Peace and love,


Melly Testa said...

Fantastic Dress Rocki! I would have bought that one too. Next time I see one like it I will try it. Melly, a Flat and Fab Sistah.

Melly Testa said...

Rocki, You look great in all of these, especially the dress, but even still, I love seeing all those PRINTS. Good haul!

Rocki Adams said...

Thank you so much Melly! I'm still smiling about the dress :) Definitely don't pass it up if you find one!