Tuesday, April 9, 2013


"Fattie" the squirrel.  Adorable pic taken by Jason - my awesome son.

My son Jason and daughter-in-law Jen live in Portland, Oregon - as does my oldest son Jeremy - along with all my little grand-critters.  Yep, I'm a grandma to Sass (Jas & Jen's cat child) and to Thomas (Jeremy's cat child).  I love all my little grand-critters (especially since I don't have to change any diapers when I visit) and truly enjoy receiving pictures of them. 

As you can see above, that is not a cat.  That is one of my grand-critter squirrels that frequent Jas & Jen's home that they lovingly call "Fattie" and the other squirrel they call "the other one" - lol!  Jas sent that pic last night and I just have to share it with you all, along with a few others.

A couple years ago when I was there I so enjoyed watching the squirrels.  They even came right up to the patio door and ate from our hands!  Jas & Jen keep a container of food by the door and I do believe the critters have a special knock to let them know when they are hungry.

"Table for Two" - picture taken by my awesome son Jason :)
Guess the guy on the fence is making sure the food is worth the trip down. 

close up pic of the adorable squirrels
 Looks pretty tasty.  If he doesn't hurry up, his date might just eat it all up.

my awesome son Jason feeding his critter child
Yep, that's my awesome son Jason.  Well, the back of him anyway.  Both he and Jen feed the critters right from their hands and I think that is so sweet!  Awe I so miss all of my critters - inluding the ones with two feet.

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into Jas & Jen's backyard that is home to my relatives.  Squirrels.  You know, like Rocky & Bullwinkle.  I'm "Rocki"... spelled different, and has a different meaning...

Okay I'll stop.


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