Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day in the Raw

Raw Valentine's Day

Yep.  Despite being sick with an acute upper respiratory infection (doc said up to 14 days to get over it, now on day 14 and feeling better every day), we celebrated Valentine's Day in the raw.  WAIT!  Before you hit the brakes, click the back button and go bleach your eyes, its not what you think - lol!  *Raw* as in a raw vegan dinner. 

There, now you can relax.

Compressed Wild Mushrooms & Avocados with Red Pepper Coulis

I came across this recipe via Pinterest and just had to try it.  Oh and let me just say here that Pinterest is awesome!  I love that not only you can find pictures like cute & funny animals, humor, tattoo's, Breast Cancer Awareness, hair styles, clothes, travel ideas, etc., but food too.  LOTS of food!  A variety of food for every taste.  Let's just say recipes out the wazoo.

Raw Vegan Dish with Carrot Hearts and Steamed Brussels Sprouts

I pretty much followed the recipe by Raw Food Rehab, but did alter it just a tad.  In a word about the taste: awesome!  Preparation, etc. was easy, so I really liked that part too.

Since it was Valentine's Day and me being sick, I wanted to at least make it a little more Valentine's'ish.  Yep, that's a word.  So I *tried* making little hearts out of carrots (yep, Pinterest).  I'm glad the kids (our 3 little dogs) love carrots because between the 4 of us, we ate 2 of them while I tried to make those darn little hearts.  While some of them looked like they were shot by a drunk cupid, I did manage to create a few good ones.

Simple Salad with Hearts

We usually have a large salad along with the rest of our raw vegan meal, but I figured that the mushroom dish was going to be rather filling, so I made small salad and tossed the best of the drunk cupid hearts and also some lightly steamed fresh brussels sprouts (not raw, but not *cooked* either).

Raw Chocolate Banana with Raspberries

You can't have a Valentine's Day meal without a dessert - especially a chocolate one.  So I whipped up a little dessert with frozen bananas, raw cacao, vanilla and fresh raspberries.  It was DEEEEELISH!  I really need to get some better serving dishes.  That plastic one has been around the block several times.  It's a wine glass, but we don't drink.  I use them for this type of thing.  We're just not real fancy here.

See?  Being in the raw on Valentine's Day wasn't that scary, now was it!

Peace and ♥

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