Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Saturday we did the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk with my brother and family. It was at the Tempe Beach Park and it was perfect weather for it.  We drove part way and then took the Light Rail the remaining 1/2 hour or so.  A great way to beat having to find parking, etc. 
Mark, Me, Chris, Tina and my awesome nephew Ian
Even though our day started at 4:30 in the morning, was a beautiful day all around.  The event was well organized, especially for the huge amount of walkers.

Let the event begin!  We just rounded the Tempe Bridge and I had Mark take a pic of the crowd ahead of us.  So nice to see families, companies, children and adults of all ages supporting their loved ones, friends and all those we don't even know.

I was walking backwards while taking this pic of the bridge that we already crossed, which took us on a loop around to get to the bottom of where we were here.  There were still a ton of people at the start, as well as in front of us.  (nope, I didn't trip or fall while taking this pic ;) 

I loved seeing all the pink tutu's as well as pink shirts, tattoo's, ribbons and more to support this great cause.  There were even dogs sporting pink tutu's AND some men too - rock on dudes!

The walk was a 3 mile adventure. We talked, laughed, people watched and simply enjoyed the moment.  At this point we're getting closer to the end, but not quite. 

We had a little breeze at this point which felt quite nice.  It was around 80 degrees, so it was perfect weather.  Just a short way past the large buildings on the left is where the Finish line is.  As we got closer to it all we could think of was food, so I didn't think to take any more pictures. 
Yes, we did complete the entire walk (my legs and hips have reminded me since then, lol!).  Thankfully they handed out banana's and other snack food while we crossed the finish line.  That held us over until lunch - which we ate at a little Mexican restaurant that was delicious!
We will definitely do this walk again next year and for all the years to come.  We're not only doing this because of what we went through with my cancer, but  because we want to continue to support all those who have fought, those who currently are, and for those who will have to fight to survive.
Peace and Love,

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Susan R Wing said...

Breast cancer mainly happens in women and once diagnosed will leave them sad. It is good to motivate them by organizing events like this to tell them, we are with you to fight cancer.