Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goldfinch in my Torchglow

Male Goldfinch
First I must say to please forgive the photo quality because these were taken from my studio window that has shade sunscreens on them.  I just have to share my studio view and some of the little birds that entertain me with their song and presence.

Every time I see the awesome little dude above, it makes me chuckle - looks like he's wearing a helmet!  It took me a few clicks to finally get him looking my way, which you'll see below. 
Male Goldfinch - not going to look!

Male Goldfinch - still not looking!

Male Goldfinch - happy now? 

Female Goldfinch
 This sweet little gal kept hopping throughout the torchglow, with all the rest of the birds.

Female Goldfinch - camera shy perhaps?
The below photo is the view from my studio while I work.  My gorgeous Torchglow Boggie (as I call it) filled with a variety of birds.  Most of them become camera shy by the time I get close enough to take the picture, but you can see a few in there.

Torchglow Bougainvillea
I also have a finch thistle feeder on my window, so I have a lot of company while working.  I wish I could get a good picture of all them in the torchglow and on my window.  But, I'll leave that to your imagination.
Peace & Luv,

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