Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Gonna Love You Through It

 I’m Gonna Love You Through It - Martina McBride
(update...for some reason this video isn't working now, but it there is a video at the bottom of my blog that you can watch it on)
We had never heard this song before, but my loving and VERY supportive hubby heard it for the first time the day of my surgery - while he was in the waiting room and this was on a morning tv show.  He told me how he felt while listening to it (that was hard) and then tried to play it for me during my hospital stay on his phone. But I couldn't listen to the whole thing at that time. I finally heard it in full one week ago and posted the video on my personal Facebook.  Mark also posted it on his wall and here’s part of what he said:

It literaly brought tears to my eyes, and still moves me now. Three weeks after surgery and Rocki is doing and looking fantastic! I have to buy her some new clothes but that is a very small price to pay compared to what could have been! No matter what life throws at her, and it's thrown a lot, "I'm gonna love her through it!" For anyone else out there that thinks "that'll never happen to me," think twice. When it happens, it hits you hard!

If you think I'm posting too many things about breast cancer, I'm sorry, but you may not realize how deeply it affects you and those around you. If you haven't read any of my blog posts, then you don't know that there was more of it than originally noted and how close it was to spreading, which would have required chemo or radiation - which I count my blessings daily.  Do I stress about that? No, but I do think about how I almost didn't go to the doctor and what that would have meant.

While surgery and recovery isn't a cake-walk, I'm thankful beyond words that I am breast-free, because that means I am cancer free. As I said before, I'm going to be a HUGE supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. So girls, guys too, do your monthly self-exams! 

Oh and excuse the photo quality, but I took this with my cell phone while I was camped out on the recliner, during the first 2 weeks after surgery.  This was taken a couple nights after being home.  Even though our office is like 10 steps away in another room, Mark set up a table for his work so that he could be right there with me.  He also slept on the couch.  He continues to love me through it.



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Never apologize for posting what is in your heart.

Having recently dodged the big "C" I think I can understand, somewhat, what you are feeling.

Its always great to hear about Mark. Terry is that kind of guy. Sometimes I think people get tired of hearing how lucky I am and how much we love each other...but no. Those that have that kind of love don't tire of hearing someone else's joy. Those that want it and don't have it have Hope of finding it when they hear our story. Those that are jealous...well that is their issue not mine.

Keep posting. You give hope to others about cancer and enhance the warning to be diligent.
xx, Carol

Rocki Adams said...

Carol you are truly wonderful, thank you!

I did not know you just dodged the big "C" and I can imagine how you felt. I'm so HAPPY that it wasn't!

Yep, I know where you're coming from. I hear that a lot too. In the beginning it made me feel really bad, but not now. We have the kind of love that I never thought was possible, as you both know, and we don't even have to 'work' on our marriage - even though there's no such thing as "perfect", our marriage and relationship is.

Oh and thanks for the continued support. I have a lot more that I'll be posting about. Some things people may not want to read or see, but it's stuff that I've thought about because I searched for it online prior to surgery.

Well, happy Friday my friend!