Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rocki vs Breast Cancer - TKO

Boy, so much to talk about in just these past few days, but I’ll *try* to condense.
Despite the fact that I’m still dealing with some nasty symptoms from the medicine reaction, not including from the actual surgery, my recovery is going better than expected.  Both Mark and I are really surprised, happily so.
Yesterday was my first post-op appointment and it was a good one.  Both drainage tubes were removed and let me just say this – THAT was a weird experience. Mark stood next to me and held my hand because to be honest, I think we were both expecting pain.  For me, I can’t say that it actually hurt as it was more of a burning stinging type sensation.  The tubes (one on each side) had one stitch each to keep it from falling out.  The doc clipped the stitch, said to relax and then pulled out the tube slowly.  The right one was first and it felt like a very long noodle coming out with a little stinging at the end.  Next was the left.  Same thing except it stung much worse and I think my eyes bugged out.  I am SO glad those are gone!
The zillion staples will be removed next Wednesday.  I look forward to that one.  I asked my doc about the swelling, etc., he said it’s normal, that I’m healing quite nicely and will know more of how I’ll actually look in about 6 months.  That works for me.
Now we come to the final pathology report.  The 3 Sentinel Nodes (I thought he took 2) that were removed for biopsy were clean - it did not spread there. (happy dance!).  However, there were several more areas found in my right breast than originally noted.  Lefty had a bunch of mumble jumble diagnosis with one being Periductal Chronic Inflammation and Fibrosis, but no cancer in that one.  The good news… ALL the cancer was removed and no other treatment needed.  TKO baby!
To celebrate, Mark took me to Starbucks.  That was a tasty treat!  It felt SO good to be out of the house.  Since he also had to make errand runs to banks, post office and the store, I decided to tag along.  So breast-free me and my honey had an enjoyable outing then back home to rest.  More like zonk out on my part.  In the store, Mark asked me how I felt about being out in public in my natural state.  While I did notice people look directly at my flat chest, honest to goodness it did not bother me.   I'm being completely honest here and not hiding anything, there would be no point in that, the only way to describe it is I felt free and happy.  Maybe I’m just weird, but that’s how I feel.
To sum up my “condensed” diary post, here’s a few highlights of my recovery status to date.  Again, I’m keeping track of this for myself and with hope that it helps others.  But if you're reading this, thank you, you're awesome!:
- While no chest muscle was removed, it will take time to strengthen that area and my arms, especially the right.  Never realized how much the chest muscle was used until now.
- Tightness, numbness and some odd healing sensations.
- Get tired easily, but that is expected right now (been there, done that).
- Working on range of motion.
- Plan on working on some studio orders next week, but s-l-o-w-l-y.
- Still can’t lie flat or recline on pillows in bed, so I'm still sleeping in recliner.
- My bum is numb.  Just sayin.
I’m starting to think that “condensed” is not in my vocabulary.
Peace, Rocki
p.s. - To all my dear customers: Thank you so much for your kind patience and working with me during this time!  Also, I have a TON of Sold and Expired items to relist, but will do that in the week or so to come.  Currently for new orders, my timeframe is *at least* 2 weeks or longer.  I'm also trying to catch up with messages, please bear with me.  I had no idea of the support I would receive.  I'll continue to update as I progress. Thank you all!


dochoamom said...

Thanks for the update. So happy for your good news. That is fantastic Rocki D. Continue to heal and take it easy. Much Love... Deb

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated! We all love you!

Mark (aka Bullwinkle) said...

I can honestly say that my little squirrel continues to amaze and astonish me in ways that are beyond words. She has truly earned her "Rocki" moniker and continually demonstrates that she is a fighter and that NOTHING can keep her down! I am so very proud of her and I will stand beside her for all eternity - her hand in mine - through all the bad times as well as the good!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am so glad to hear your good news and to read your candid description of you healing process. I send a gentle reminder that you should go slowly. The recovery process from major surgery requires VERY MUCH REST.
xx, Carol

Rocki Adams said...

Thank you all so much, your continued love and support truly means a lot to me! And yes I am taking it slowly and realize that recovery as it's ups and downs... today is a yucky down day physically wise, but it will pass.

Honey, while you know how very much I love you with ever being of my existence and appreciate all that you do for me, I just want to say here... YOU ROCK MY WORLD! I love you hon!