Monday, February 13, 2012

Ellen & JC Penny Support

If you haven't heard the ignorant uproar from a group called One Million Moms (not to be confused with the great organization called Million Moms Challenge) that have their panties in a bunch over Ellen DeGeneres being the new Spokesperson for JC Penny, then this photo won't make any sense.  So to make it short and sweet, here's a short video clip of what it's all about: Ellen Addresses Her JC Penny Critics

We hadn't been to JC Penny's in years, but because We are STRONG supporters of equal rights for ALL people and we absolutely love and adore Ellen, we didn't blink an eye to head up to JC Penny yesterday to show our support.

Peace and Love,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Some days I get so sick of it all!
My choice to buy or not to buy will NOT be determined by whether JCP has a gay spokesperson, or who's religion says whatever about being gay. O, you got me going, Rocki!! Why can't we all just show each other respect. Do you think we will ever see that in our lifetime? Or your son? I sure hope so.

I applaud JCP for not caving to the criticism.
xx, Carol

Rocki said...

I hear you loud and clear Carol and trust me hairs that I didn't even know I had, stand on end when I hear ignorant garbage that that group is tossing out. Wow, that was a long sentence ;) See what I mean?

I truly wish that before I die that this type and ALL ignorance will be gone so that my son can get the respect that he and others deserves, and marry as he so chooses.

However, because these "moms" are teaching their children wrong, it saddens me to think how much longer this crap will go on. Don't they realize that if their child came to them to say "hey mom, I'm gay..." - wait, scratch that. Those poor kids won't go to their mom first because those 'moms' that are making it known loud and clear that they disapprove of how their child was born, etc. My heart aches for those kids being taught wrong.

I shall step off my bandstand otherwise the hairs will not go down ;)

Thanks Carol, you rock!!
♥ Rocki