Monday, August 3, 2009

The Talented Starless!

Starless : "intricate, colorful, fun polymer clay creations" by the ever so talented Amber.

Amber lives in my stomping grounds... well, sort of anyway. She lives in Flagstaff, Arizona - about a 2 hour drive north from where I live. She has been working with polymer clay since she was 11 years old. Obviously she has quite the talent for it as she has taken polymer clay to a whole new level. I mean, look at the Mini Koi Pond pendant above! The details are amazing and she has several designs of these pendants.

Amber refers to her work and technique as "intricately textured filigree" and all her designs are made by hand. The ornament above is so beautiful and I absolutely love the design. Oh and there is more!

Not only does Amber make beautiful pendants and ornaments, but check out the Ballpoint Pen! Now THAT would make an awesome statement while writing out a check or a letter to a loved one or better yet, as a gift! She even makes polymer clay design jewelry boxes, cigar cutter key rings and more. Oh and this very cool business card holder that I just bought!

If you want to see "intricate, colorful, fun polymer clay creations", hop on over to Amber's Starless shop - you'll love it!

Have a fun & colorful day!



luthien said...

wow! she does create really cute things!! thanks for sharing :))

Anonymous said...

Wow, what amazing work!!

SueBeads said...


Anonymous said...

I love the koi pond pendant the most. Thanks for sharing her work!