Monday, July 27, 2009

Linda G'eez - Peace, Love & Smiles!

I was originally going to blog about my fabulous, adorable, cute, beautifully handmade & packaged Itzy Bitzy cards that I recently purchased from my flower power gal pal, Linda G'eez, but after receiving them - and becoming friends - I have to brag a little more about her!

Linda & I met when she purchased from me the first time about a month ago. We seem to have quite a bit in common, especially since we are both flower children :) Anyway, you can immediately feel the vibes of peace, love and smiles that Linda gives just by looking at her Etsy Shop banner. Her Shop Announcement fills you in on the rest of the vibes.

In Linda's shop you will find lovingly handmade natural gemstone jewelry and the most beautiful handmade floral cards and photos - which were photographed from her actual home garden - how much more handmade can you get?! And hey, the peace, love and smiles that you leave with after visiting her shop are free!

I love how Linda combines leather with the gorgeous Jasper gems above. Very earthy and oh so fabulous!

The Diablo Ninebark above is simply fascinating! Linda's Flower Power with Love cards are full of her many garden flowers as are her as many more flower photographs that she has in her shop.

"Omm Jewelry"... Linda is very expressive with her descriptions and I just love it! You can truly feel the love she put in each and every item she creates. The Sacral Chakra Carnelian earrings above are one of her "Omm Jewelry" pieces. She describes in detail about her creation, as she does with all her listings. Just reading this one brought happy tears to my eyes!

I just love Linda! There - I said it! I have met so many wonderful people on Etsy & Blogger in which I have become friends with that it astounds me. Linda is one of those people that you instantly like. Not because of her talent or her awesome Etsy Shop, but because of the honest to goodness person she is.

"Peace, Love & Smiles",

p.s. I REALLY love my Itzy Bitzy cards and may find it difficult to part with them. But hey, I can just buy more!


Carol said...

I love it when you mention other etsy shops. When you like them, I usually do to. Thanks. I'm headed there and I LOVE those Jasper earings!

xx, Carol

SueBeads said...

Nice profile!

Coastal Sisters said...

Her work really is fabulous!

How sweet are you to post about another artist!


mairedodd said...

definitely have to look at her shop! thanks for sharing your friend with us... spreading the love! :o)

Sweets 'N Greets said...

She does GORGEOUS work :-) said...

Wow Rocki! I NOW just got into blogging, and I went back to read your review about me which is the reason I too have started blogging! I still feel so great that you wrote this about me! I'm still learning my way through blogging, but do love it! AND, for the first time I saw all these beautiful comments! I'm touched, thanks my sweet Flower Power Hippie Friend! Love and Peace, Linda