Friday, June 12, 2009

This studs for you!

Yippie, yahoo and all that jazz - it's FRIDAY!!! That makes me a little giddy because it's been a long hard week for me - a good one mind you, but a very busy one and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Plus it's Jason's birthday, my youngest son, and we're celebrating at Mimi's Cafe.

Anyway, back to the studs. Helloooooo, I'm down here. HELLLooooooo? Eyes down here please...

I truly have SO much that I want to blog about, fun stuff, cute stuff and just chit-chat stuff, but as I mentioned, I've been quite happily busy. So, thought I would share another item that.... hello? (clears throat) HELLOOOOO?! I'm down HERE everyone... eyes down here now.


Sweet Studs is what came to mind when... excuuuuuuuse me? Can you reach over to the scroll button and hop on down here for a minute? The stud above isn't even real - I mean, come on, look at him! Errrr, never mind, just follow me.

Now this stud is rather cute and adorable, but not exactly something I could add to my shop. I did have a Buckskin Mare and a Shetland pony growing up though.

Studs? Car parts, boy toys, found in drawers all over the house, "can't have too many tools", etc. Nope. These are not the studs I'm referring to either.

Um, ladies? You're drooling all over your keyboards. That's not pretty.

Awe. Here we are! My new Sweet Studs. Yes, I know, these are nothing new. A stud is a stud is a stud. EYES DOWN HERE PEOPLE!

I love studs and wear them in at least one of my ear holes, usually the top. Sometimes in all of them. These studs have a cute round shiny ball and.... the earring studs people, come on now, grow up!

I better end it here because this post is going south. Now STOP it you guys!

Happy Sweet Friday,



Sweets 'N Greets said...

Let's try this again...I was leaving a comment and then the lovely Blogger threw an error!! UUggh!!

Ok, back to the drooling. LOL!!! Seriously, I love the new little studs...they are so adorable, much like her creator :-D

Dolly, out! LOL!!

GoodDirtJewelry said...

I LOVE these new studs, Rocki! Have a wonderful weekend :)

dochoamom said...

Wow you have a way of getting our attention... Nice studs !! You are so funny RockiD.. I thought at first when I was reading the post that you were going to say that was your son..

Happy Friday !!!!

Love, Deb

luthien said...

all your studs are gorgeous! what about getting stud 1 (altho i'll prefer zachary quinto... but this would do) to ride away with me in the sunset on stud 2, then build a lovely cottage for the both of us with stud 3 and finally propose to me by presenting me with those cute little stud 4s :))))) love your post today :))

mairedodd said...

i love these! i think the forced break was good for your creative spirit - lots of new things coming from you... yay for you! and yay for us!

Rocki said...

Thanks everyone - I know you were REAL interested in MY studs ;)

Oh luthien, you are too funny! Love it!

Carol said...

Hmmm, thank you, Rocki for introducing me to studs. I only knew of the first kind and never new studs could be horses, car parts or jewelry!

Nice studs.

Coastal Sisters said...

I love these new studs! Ohhhhh and the eye candy too!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you are too funny! He was fun to look at though!

Cute studs too!