Friday, May 8, 2009

Unbelievable - Perfect Balance!

Yesterday I was working on just a few ear wires (getting better!) and the most unbelievable thing happened - totally freaked me out! While looking through my huge lighted tabletop magnifying glass, holding my little gold hoop in one hand and filing it with the other, I lost my grip and it fell out of my hand.

I looked through the glass and nothing. Where did it go? I figured it landed somewhere on my bench or on the floor perhaps. So I moved away from the table and there it was - STANDING UP! FREAKED me out!

I was giddy with the thought of this perfect balancing act and trying to figure out how in the heck it happened. I started to get excited, even giggling and didn't want to move it, but I needed the space. I needed proof of this bizarre ear wire that fell onto my work board standing straight up!

Should I call Oprah, Ellen or David Letterman? Maybe Funniest Home Video's (are they even still on the air?) Where the heck is our video camera! Hmm, was I on Candid Camera perhaps? I was afraid to breathe, so I gently backed away from the table, picked up my cell phone and took a couple pictures.

I needed better photos, so I slowly got up to go get my camera from the other room. Came back and it was STILL STANDING! I swear, I was laughing out loud at this point because it was so weird! How did it do this? How could a single little ear wire fall out of my hands and land standing up like that? My board is polyurethane, not like it's velcro or has big divots in it. For the most part, it's fairly smooth.

After taking a few photos, I finally had to move the ear wire. All I did was barely touch it and poof, it fell over. Made me sad.

Funny thing about this strange happening is lately, due to my wrists, I've been trying to find balance. Balance that would continue to allow me to be productive with my work as well as have my own personal time. Is this a sign? If so, what the heck does it mean?

Happy Freaky Friday!

p.s. The doctor's office called, it's NOT Carpal Tunnel! (does happy dance) Now more tests to see what's up, but I'll be back to work on the 11th!


Sweets 'N Greets said...

Holy @#%$ Batman!!! That is totally freaky!!!!! DooDoooooDooooDooooooooo.

Rosebud Collection said...

So sorry to read you had wrist problems..but glad it is getting better..I thought it was very interesting the way the wire sat there, on end.. You do beautiful work.
Have a good weekend.

Rocki said...

Thanks Rosebud, I'm getting much better :)

Oh Laura, I'm STILL freaked out about it! I mean seriously, how on EARTH can this happen? I keep looking at the pictures trying to figure it out, but can't. It's got to be a sign!

Carol said...

Ha, this is all so simple. First Great News about no CT. But its probably inflamation scrunching those nerves. Terry has RA and this happens to him all the time with his flare ups.

Second, SELL THAT BABY ON EBAY!! Are you sure you didn't see the Virgin Mary on the wire?

Thirdly, and I know you will believe this because you ARE a believer, of course was a sign. Its a sign U R totally nuts!! HA HA, just joking. Couldn't resist!

Its a sign that all is good. Your life is in balance. You are on your feet and your world is insinc.

While I am on a roll, what else do you need interpretted?

SueBeads said...

That's pretty crazy, Rocki! I'm glad you don't have CT, too. Hope they figure out what to do without surgery! I actually have to use a little computer elbow pad when I make beads because I get nerve problems from leaning on my elbows, and the pain goes all the way down my arm to my hand. Maybe it's something like that~!?!?

dochoamom said...

Yay !!! no CT... Even though I ...

Great pic.... Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable; who would have thunk it!! Hope you find out what's wrong with your wrists. Maybe it is arthritis; hubby has it so bad - bone rubbing bone. He uses an RX called Voltaren Gel and it works wonders; I think it is a steroid in gel form.

Runs With Scissors said...

This is so cool! And your photos are freakin' awesome!

Hope your wrists get better soon and you can get back to what you love to do!


mairedodd said...

congrats on the good news from the doc... your inexplicable experience is so cool! really glad you were able to get the pics... i would have interpreted it as a sign from the universe too - despite your injury and it not being what you had planned, sounds like you got something positive out of it and achieved some balance! good job ~

Mazzy Blue Studios said...

First off's no CT!!!! Whooo Hooo!!!

Second, WOW that is crazy!!! I think you should keep that earwire to wear for yourself, bc it is special just like you;)



Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers day..what a kool stunt that your hoop did..!! Hope all is well..!! Robin

Jo said...

So very cool the way the little ear wire is standing there! Glad it is not Carpal Tunnel. Now if you can just find a way to make it better.

luthien said...

hello rocki :))
firstly... thank you sooooo much for the sweet comment you left at my blog :) i'm so glad you liked my peace series :) i would have answered you immediately if my internet didn't die on me suddenly yesterday! also ... thank you for hearting me at etsy :) i'm still trying out there and tweeking as i go along... even my prices! i totally have NO idea how to price things! first time in my life selling stuff... pressure!!

sharon is a real dear for telling you about my blog :) we met in blogger too and she's become a real friend and inspiration to me :))

that hook of yours is really something ... i've never ever seen anything like that! i agree with you... i think it IS a sign :)

well... hope to see you around soon :)) take care for now and PEACE!

luthien xoxoxo

p/s LOTR is my all time fav too, and viggo mortensen :p

Rocki said...

I was hoping to get to everyone's blog today, but I'm heading into the studio to work! More happy dancing, singing too! (plug your ears)

Thanks so much everyone for your awesome comment, much appreciated! Let me tell you, I'm STILL flabergasted at the ear wire, just so weird.

Okay, off and running, thanks again everyone!

The Beading Gem said...

The odds of this happening must be enormous! Pearl

Beat Black said...

hahaha, its been a while since I've been here but in reading this post I was reminded of why I love your blog so much!!

Moondoonie said...

Glad to hear that you are getting back in the groove. As for the perfect balancing act...that IS freaky. Not only because it was perfectly balanced but because it also waited on you. I think it's a sign.

Sweets 'N Greets said...

Mua ha hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Carol said...

Hey Deb,
I don't have your email address. I wanted you to visit this blog. I think you will enjoy the post for today.


artangel said...

How very strange Rocki!! It is interesting that you said you'd been thinking a lot about finding a balance - maybe it was a sign from the universe that this is the right course of action for you!

Glad to hear it's not carpal tunnel too!

On a side note, I keep meaning to tell you that I have a gorgeous little pair of earrings (that Sharon made for me!)using your ear wires. Now I'm not a jeweller, so I don't normally even notice these things, but they really do feel noticeably more sturdy, comfortable and smooth than other earring I have! I'm impressed! :)

Rocki said...

I wish I could answer you all individually, but I'm on the run right now. Hmm, that sounds funny! Thanks so much for your awesome comments as I surely appreciate them.

Thanks for the compliment Angie!

I'll be visiting blogs next week :)