Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

Oh yes, I remember that one Nora. One of many James Brown's songs that I love. Speaking of bags...

So the other day I came upon Nora's Etsy shop: mia baggali bags and art wear and fell in love with her boho hippie bags - just my style! The one above is my favorite... no, wait... it's the one below. Scratch that. I haven't decided which is my favorite yet!

Nora makes all of her own art wear. Where does her inspiration come from? Here is a quote from her shop:

"Many of these items begin their inception straight from the isles of vintage and used clothing stores. New fabric doesn't always do it for me. It's got to be old and tell a story. I never know what I'll find or how I'll transform it. Each creation is my adventure from start to finish!"

I encourage you to read her entire Profile - it is a good read!

Nora also makes a variety of head wear, like the very cool one above made from vintage jeans.

For the more girly girls, there is this very cute layered tote above. She also makes some pretty cool Scroogies. Scroogies? Yes. Scroogies.

How about a little vintage? Yep. She has that too. Like the adorable very vintage crocheted evening bag above and a variety of other vintage household items.

Going through Nora's etsy shop is a little like going back in time for me. In fact, after reading the following from her Shop Announcement, it took me WAY back: "Much of my inspiration comes from that surreal time when bona fide bell bottoms were ragged, dirty, faded, and torn from years of wear...not from The Gap!"

I wore bona fide bell bottoms and proud of it. The bigger the bell the better. I loved hearing the swishing sound while walking. Drove my Dad nuts. We won't even talk about hip-huggers.

Peace, love, happiness - and boho bags,



Jo said...

Hi Rocki,
Oh you found another good one! Those bags are so beautiful! And I definitely remember the song and the bell bottoms. I loved it when they would drag long enough to rough up the hem.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! Love your tribute to the good old days!