Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Cowgirl at Heart

While growing up I went I went through different phases. I've always been and will always be known as a flower child, but for a time I was also known as a "Kicker". No, not because I went around kicking people - I was a cowgirl and hung out with all the other cowgirls & cowboys. I had a Buckskin Mare named Fancy who was a very good horse and I miss her. My friends had horses, my boyfriend at the time was a rodeo clown, and life pretty much revolved around our "Kicker" lifestyle.

There's something about being a cowgirl that simply makes your heart light up. I admit that sometimes I miss that lifestyle and although I am who I am, I'll always be a cowgirl at heart.

What made me think about my old "Kicker" days is while I was creating in my studio today I came up with a new clasp that reminds me of a lasso. I have titled it: "Rodeo".

Cowgirl up.



Jo said...

Love the rodeo clasp! How cool that you are a cowgirl. I am married to a cowboy. He loves everything about the cowboy life but was born a city boy. Keep creating!

Carol said...

Rocky, I LOVE this twisted look. I'll be waiting to see you post something in twisted earwires. Wire is so big this year when looking at the jewelry in the fashion mags.

Rocki said...

Thanks Jo, yep I was a cowgirl. In fact, I forgot to include that when Mark & I met we joined a line dancing team called "Hooked on Country" had outfits and did little shows around the Valley - it was a blast!

Thanks Carol! Oh yes, I have those in the works too, still playing around with them at this point

Anonymous said...

I love your new clasp; how cool to be a cowgirl...I think every little girls thinks about being a cowgirl and you got to realize your dream.

Sweets 'N Greets said...

She didn't kick people...HAHAHAHAHAAHA! I mean, she didn't kick people! (ouch. my arm is STILL bruised!!). LOL! Oh you know I love ya Sis ;-)

I remember! I also remember the days of Wilber the goat!!

I love the new clasp! I bet they will go like hotcakes :-)

Rosebud Collection said...

We had a horse and the darn thing would take off on you,if you let him graze..Since we lived in town..the police came and talked to my mom..someone called them and said they saw a "wild horse" running through town..Red would head right to the barn..Yep, it was "Ole Red"..
Beautiful clasp..

SueBeads said...

HEY~ just saw you on Beading Gem Journal - you are WAY famous now!

Rocki said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Do you want my autograph Sue? ;) JUST kidding! I know, I thought that was so cool of her to feature me - made my day!