Monday, March 30, 2009

A Buddha-ful day!

Last week I received our Buddha-ful artwork that I purchased from my extremely talented and lovely friend Angie of Artangel. It is one of the most profound purchases we've made and will forever cherish it.

I had my eye on this Buddha painting for some time and don't know why it took so long to purchase it. We have several Buddha paintings, prints and figurines throughout the house, but nothing of this magnitude - meaning the type of artwork, not that any of them are less worthy as they all have special meaning to us.

I told this story to Angie, but I'll share it with you as well. Our Buddha-ful artwork was traveling all the way from the UK to sunny Arizona. I had the front door open as our weather has been Buddha-ful lately. Oh, and no the 'kids' can't run out as we have a security screen door. I was working in the studio when the 'kids' started barking, then I heard footsteps coming up the walkway. I went to the door to see our mailman carrying a large package and I said out loud "OH IT'S BUDDHA!"

Angie commented that she wondered what the mailman thought as I shouted "OH IT'S BUDDHA!" at him! LOL! Maybe he thought that was one of our 'kids' names. In any case, he just smiled.

When I opened the package, held the painting in my hands and looked at this most Buddha-ful artwork, tears came to my eyes and goosebumps throughout my body. He is much more Buddha-ful in person. Angie captured the very essence of Buddha and every time we glance up at our new Buddha-ful Buddha, we feel at peace.

Angie is a very talented artist. Her work has been exhibited at various locations throughout the UK and since selling online, her work has been sold throughout Europe and the U.S. You can visit her Artangel Etsy shop to see her online gallery for yourself.

Thank you Angie! Have a Buddha-ful day everyone!


artangel said...

Rocki - thank you thank you thank you!

Buddha looks absolutely wonderful in his new home - like he was always meant to be there!! I'm so very happy that he went to you and I was so touched by your kind words.

I'll have to borrow your play on words here to say that you are a "Buddha-ful" human being!
Love Angie xxx

Aquarian Bath said...

Very nice!