Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where's THE Rock?

Wow. I never knew I was so popular (blushes). I've had several requests via email and my (uh hem) previous blog post, to come out and play and stop hiding. Trust me, I'm not hiding actually, I've just been extremely busy with multiple orders from my supply shop. Oh and I'm not complaining one little bit mind you, so please do not think I'm being ungrateful, as this is not the case. It is just that I'm rather buried in orders so I cannot come out to play this week.

So, with that said, where IS the Rock? Obviously that is not me above, but it is a very cool pic I found on the web and since I LOVE rocks, I had to use it for this post. Besides, the rocks are balanced on one another and that is exactly what I'm trying to do - find my balance.

Ooooh. No, this is not me either. It is The Rock; Dwayne Douglas Johnson. Former wrestler, talented actor and one hot dude (sorry honey, you're hot too though :) There is also Rock Hudson (one of my favorite long time actors with Doris Day!), Chris Rock, Kid Rock and others.

Nope. Not me either, but is a very cool movie! This would be the School of Rock starring Jack Black, obviously. The kids in the movie actually do play their own instruments and they are amazingly talented. If you love music, this is a must see movie. There is also The Rock with Sean Connery (mmmm), Rundown (has The Rock in it) and others that I just can't think of at the moment.

So where IS Rocki anyway, as I've been asked. After having my morning coffee, breakfast and doing other little tasks to get ready for the day, you can find me in my studio until evening. In fact, if you look reeeeeeeal close, you'll find me below:

Did you find me? It's kind of hard, but I bet you can do it! Good job - you did it! So now that you know where I am, please do not think I have not forgotten about you, it's just that I'm terribly busy and need to focus on my orders this week. I do plan on checking out all your blogs in the next few days. In the meantime, please know that you're in my thoughts.

Be well, be happy and enjoy your day!


Oh and one more thing...

I couldn't let this picture go to waste, so for your viewing pleasure I leave you: The Rock.


Angie Kelly Designs said...

LOL!! You're so silly! I love the picture of your little head peaking out...hilarious! And ok...yum for The Rock. I luv him. Can't help myself. He's "schwing-able" LOL

I'm really happy you're so busy - that is AWESOME. But yes, we have missed our Rocki! Congrats on your booming business. You deserve every bit of your success!


SueBeads said...

Rocki - I'm so glad that you are so busy!!!! Good for you - especially in this tough economic time.

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

That's so awesome that you're so busy! Love the silly post! :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Now this is what I call a blog..not one "Rock" left unturned..

Any Occasion Boutique said...

HEY!!! How did you get my husband to water your cactus?? Um...huh. That almost sounds, well, eeeehhhh...never mind :-0

WOO HOO for sales!! Love the picture of your picture...that is really funny!! And I can verify that Rocki's desk IS busy. I stopped by today and had to shovel my way in the door (I used the shovel she dug my room with). Oh, I'm good!!!!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo!! You're back!! Although most would be satisfied with the Rock as a substitute for you, I my friend want the real deal! So Woohoo!! for YOU!! :D
Besides, you've got to come back soon, your kid sister is killing me with laughter, seriously, I was crying she had me laughing so hard today! HEEEEELLLP!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Someone get me a microphone...quick! LOL!!!!

Melissa said...


That rock picture at the top is great. :)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEBI!!!!!!!!!! Hey??? Debi??? Woo Hoo!! Fine. I am going to sit here and toss rocks in the lake while I...OH, look at that pretty butterfly (*runs off chasing the pretty butterfly). LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocki, you've been "tagged". You'll need to visit my blog and pass it forward.

Rocki said...

I appreciate all your luv and kind comments :)

Ang! LOL
"schwingable"!!! Made me smile!

Sue: I hear you loud & clear! I'm amazed really and very thankful!

Rosebud: LOL! Good one my friend!

Jo - Grizzly: Thank you buddy! (waves to Dave)

Melissa: Ditto, I think it is uber cool!

Laura: continue chasing the butterfly as I'm still swamped ;)

Tagged? What did you do Sharon? I'm off to your blog (skip, skip, trip splat! - darn carpet gnome!)

Josh said...

Hey Rocki! You are too funny Rocki. You know I love School of Rock too. And that's one strange rock. Oh and by the way, WHAT'S SCHWING-ABLE!!! Watch out Rockie, you've been tagged! *gasp* Anyway, Rock on Rocki!

Editor's Note: Cheesy Bacon!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I feel like that mom chasing her child around the mall yelling "Billy, stop touching that... Billy don't go over there... Billy!!

Rocki said...

Oh my dear Josh, you are too funny young man! Well, if I have to tell you what "schwingable" is then you're too darn young to know - so go ask your mom! Thanks for the tag info, I'll be posting mine on Monday.

Cheesy Bacon right back at ya!

LOL Sharon! Don't worry, my video blog is keeping an eye on him ;)

Walk in the Woods said...


You have a GREAT day to!!!

Catherine said...

Ha, ha - I love the picture of you hiding behind your work bench!!

Ooooh, thanks for the scrummy pics of The Rock!!!

Oh, and I just love School of Rock. I've lost count of the number of times we've watched it and we've got the music on CD!! Just a tad obsessive!!

Josh said...

Thank you Rocki. You're too kind. I'll be sure to ask my mom what it means and I'll tell her I found it on your comments page! LOL Just kidding! Make sure to look on my blog soon!