Monday, May 5, 2008

All Fired Up

I came across a very cool and unique Etsy shop the other day when I was looking for glass items to put in a Treasury I was working on. I knew I had to blog about it, so I contacted Lisa Rippee, the owner/creator of Cloud Eleven. I’m glad I did as I believe I’ve made a new friend.

I’m a firm believer that challenges and events change the course of your direction in life (I speak from experience). A stressful job as a juvenile intake and assessment specialist took up most of Lisa’s time. I can only imagine her stress! Long hours and overnight shifts isolated her from friends and family. Then one day in March of 2005 Lisa picked up a torch. Hot glass became her therapy, obsession, meditation, passion, and the perfect vehicle for her creative expression. Who needs a therapist when you have a torch!

Lisa has a studio in her home, in Kansas City metropolitan area (on the Kansas side). Her home is small & colorful, and some describe it as eccentric (I would love to see it!). She enjoys listening to music while creating, but in the beginning she only listened to instrumental Jazz “while learning the rhythm of the glass dance” (how poetic!). The Beatles, Zepplin and Mary J. Blige are in her CD player right now. Right on!

When asked what inspires her, this is what Lisa had to say: “Anything that elicits a strong emotional response would probably be the short answer. Everyday moments that make me smile or laugh usually find their way into my creations. The social issues that I’m passionate about show themselves as well. My muse is very in tune with my moods."

Lisa’s creations are fun, amazing and full of life. There is a big variety as well: Wine Stoppers, Vessels, Magnets, Focal Beads, Sculptural Glass Vessels and more. I especially love the blown-out mouth vessels as they are so realistic (many have uvulas!) In fact, I bought the Make Me Smile vessel (the one at the top of this post) and can hardly wait until he arrives!

Oh! Lisa eventually left the high stress job. Her torch therapy led her to a part-time job at a local stained glass shop called Bearden’s Stained Glass and eventually a shop on Etsy. How did she come up with her Etsy buisness name? When she first started flame working, every time she turned around it was 1:11, 11:11, etc. So, she figured she was on the right track of making her dream come true and since hot glass had her “beyond cloud nine”, she simply had to name her business Cloud Eleven.

Just goes to show that when you get all fired up about life’s challenges, you can turn them around into something spectacular!

Happy day everyone!
☼ Rocki

P.S. Lisa sees dead people. I do too, but I’m not telling anyone ;)


Lisa Rippee said...

Thanks so much for the feature, Rocki!! I think we're twins from different mothers. "Make Me Smile" is on his way to live with you. I'm sure he'll love his new home. Thanks again and have a great week ahead.

A Blond And A Torch said...

Lisa's work is wonderful! I think everyone should pick up a torch to alleviate stress!

Anonymous said...

Awesome feature. Such an interesting artist. I want to see her house too!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rocki, what an amazing posting!! I had chills reading about Lisa's adventure and how she came to do what she does. It's wonderful to read about others listening to the universe and paying attention to it's signals as I try to (kudos to you Lisa!!) and thanks so much for sharing this wonderful artist with us! ~ Sharon

Rosebud Collection said...

Great blog and Lisa's work is great..The last line got me,..What do you mean, you see dead people? Don't drop a line like that without telling all about have me curious.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Those are so cool.. weird, but cool.I found you thru Mom blogs...
Great site..

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Thank you all for the great comments and checking our Lisa's shop!

Hey Rosebud - about the "see dead people" line... how do you think Lisa is able to make the sculptural vessels with the blown out mouth and teeth?!
LOL! Just kidding!
☼ Rocki

Lisa Rippee said...

Uh, oh! You guys figured out my secret. LOL!

But actually, Rocki asked if there was anything odd I wanted folks to know about me or my work, and the line from that movie (Sixth Sense) was the first thing that entered my twisted mind. Although I do often visit with deceased loved ones in my dreams, which is always welcomed. ;)

Thanks for all the nice compliments on my work. I appreciate it more than you know.

Anonymous said...

My mom works with glass as well, it's great therapy for sure... and awesome in ways I can't even describe... I love how glass melts and flows, yet still holds it's amazing color. Great find!

smonteil62 said...

Lisa's art is so unique and fun! I have a few of her pieces, beads and pendants, and I never cease receiving compliments on them when I wear them. I never tire of seeing Lisa's new stuff, all so different and fun! She is such a creative and talented artist. Love you girl! Son

bobkat4452 said...

Lisa is my sister and best friend. I watched her starting out on the torch and she's come a long way. I've never seen her this happy and excited about what she's doing. She once told me she had found her niche'. I think she found her true self. Her work is amazing!
Love to one of my most favorite peple on earth.

Erin said...

Oh my, what a creative artist you've discovered!

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

I'm so happy that others are getting to know the talented Lisa & her shop! I appreciate all the kind comments - thank you!!
☼ Rocki

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

I just have to add that I received my Make Me Smile guy, and WOW! The detail is absolutely amazing! I simply love it and can't seem to wipe the smile from my face!
Thank you Lisa!!!
☼ Rocki