Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun Day at Butterfly Wonderland

Owl Butterfly on my finger

Butterfly on Mark's hat

Gorgeous Owl Butterfly riding along on my pants

Butterfly stayed on my pants for over 5 minutes while walking through the atrium

Perfect a place for this beautiful butterfly to land!

Gorgeous butterfly near the koi pond

Variety of butterflies.  The blue one on Mark's shirt is also a Pink Floyd Fan ;)

So many beautiful butterflies!

Butterflies galore!

No these are not butterflies, but the fish and creepy crawlies can also be seen there.

Fluttering butterfly on my arm - so sweet!
I took a ton of photos when we went to the atrium and have only shared a few here.  I know, they're just butterflies, but being able to walk through the atrium along with the butterflies flying all around you and landing on you multiple times is an awesome experience!

If you are in Arizona, I highly recommend visiting Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale.  There is a lot to see there including a 3D movie, a small gallery where you can see the metamorphosis stage of the butterfly and much more.  Definitely worth the fair admission price as you'll spend a few hours there.  We truly enjoyed our day and will be going there again.


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